How to do Ego Work | 3 Steps to Be More You and Less Your Ego.

3 subjects that will help you see your attachment with Ego and change it. With practical ideas.


Here I am to share something that I would love to receive. Steps to notice how your ego is controlling you and how to remove those ideas of you.
I want to be straightforward here, and before starts, I just want to remember. Ego, it is not all bad, and you don’t need to get rid of all of your beliefs or attachments at once. For example, with good and bad to our society you may want to kill someone and don’t worry about it, and here is where the ego must be alive. I am not saying to kill something crazy reader. But to stop to see someone that committed a crime as all bad and, after much more than ego work, realize how your compassion even with those people can make your life and others live better.

Things that might trigger your ego.

  1. Music. Do you love some band and hate or think some band or singer is bad or lame? Ask yourself why. This is your ego talking, you know that but since it is quite a small thing, maybe you never want to change your taste or thought it would be necessary. You can keep what you love, but for a week, twice in the year at least, try to listen to songs you would never and try to enjoy them. How? Listen to them with your mind empty, no judgments are allowed. You may not enjoy and move to the next music, and you may see yourself dance a bit and that’s ok. Even if you fear people judging you, you must not fear your judgment because towards your it shouldn’t exist.
  2. What is your team? Any sport. Maybe you don’t love any but you hate a lot one. Be honest with yourself. Write the name and ask why? What bothers you? Here I want you to search a little bit of egregore. (Just for curiosity I let one of the meanings you can find only, but study it, please. Egregore: “An egregore (pronounced egg’ gree gore) is a group thought-form. It can be created either intentionally or unintentionally and becomes an autonomous entity with the power to influence. A group with a common purpose like a family, a club, a political party, a church, or a country can create an egregore, for better or worse depending upon the type of thought that created it.”). The work here is to find a player that has a good character from the team you hate and cheer for him. Be honest here, write how it felt, it wasn’t so honest to try again. Do this when your team is not playing. After you are able, to be honest about it cheer against your team. Try to be honest here and I know this can be very hard. If your team starts to win a lot, write it down too. Write all the experience. Next year, try don’t watch it and don’t care about that news. Find another job, relax, it won’t be forever and you probably won’t have much problem with it depending on where you are in your spiritual journey.
  3. What your favorite food? What you wouldn’t eat ever? Here baby, even I can’t be that evolved with my ego. Here is where my ego stays a bit and I am ok with it. And you may think, “so I will keep with my team b*”. However, here is the thing. Any subject you work to improve your ability to be more you and less your ego, and, for this, be more aware and present here and now. Must not be a problem or cause a problem to you or others. If these passion/beliefs of yours may block different experiences, or your ability to live life in the present moment. For example, if you cannot have a date because it is game night, this is a problem. If you can’t have fun at a barbecue with your friends because you are vegan, this is a problem. And, remember, I am talking about Ego Work here. The ego likes to be in the extreme, if you can find the middle, probably you have something that can be a problem. I am walking to be vegan for years now, I still each cheese. Check packages to see if it is vegan is not a habit yet. I try to improve my way of living without becoming an extremist around any subject and this brings so many other ideas that won’t fit here. Why am I trying to be vegan? Why do I think it is important? How it will be good for me and the planet?… All that is something for me to grow. For me, it is a personal subject that I don’t want to talk about, but I see people that do it very gracefully and others that I want to slap. This personal example makes me come here and say, don’t go to war for anything, be more Madre Teresa about your ideas. You don’t need to be a saint, but you can use some good ideas of people that made some good on this planet. (Actually you can use good ideas even from people that made a lot of bad things, good and bad it is not exclusive from one person or another. We are not in a Disney movie with villains. I know you know that). So, what is the work for us here? If you are vegan, you will choose a week of the year to eat animal products, remember, this is about ego work. This post doesn’t relate to other’s spiritual evolutions that you may learn that vegan standards are better to work with some energies and all. This is to you lose the attachment of your dualistic ideas as of right and wrong, good and bad… And if you eat animal products, it will be more than a week for you. Why? The impact caused for animal products is bigger so your body needs more time to feel comfortable with other realities. I would recommend a month or more with no animal products. If you are religious, you can find the period of a year that your religion asks for this practice and use some egregore to help you. For example, for 40 days Catholics should not eat meat before East, not very common nowadays, but it was a strong practice a long time ago.

I can speak more about what I’ve learned and practice the topic. I feel this is very important to grow compassion, love, presence in our lives. So, for me, it is a pungent subject. How do you feel about ego work? What have you learned?

Much love,
Emanuelle Lopes

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Ego – 3 facts they don’t share + 5 Questions to do

Kill the ego! What they don’t say about the ego? What is it? How to identify your ego?

Hello, how are you?
Today I want to talk about an insight + some knowledge gained about ego.
What is the ego, by the way? I found a few meanings to share here with you crazy souls:
Cambridge dictionary says: “the part of a person’s mind that tries to match the hidden desires (= wishes) of the id (= part of the unconscious mind) with the demands of the real world”, similarly with Google dictionary. Or “your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your importance and ability”.
Yoga may say: Ahamkaraor ego is the sense of ‘I-ness’, the over-identification with this ‘I-ness’ to the point that we become very affected by the experiences and thoughts that this ‘I’ has.”

Let me simplify and ask 5 things. Think about each area of your life:
1.Answer Who am I?
Your ego will respond. It is the one answering and the answer itself.
-I am a father/mother
-I am an engineer.
-I am Swedish.
-I am new/old.
-I am beautiful/ugly.
You can go further:
2. Answer: What is right?
-Eat animal/Eat animal but sacred ones/Eat just vegetables
-Have a wife/Have two wives/Have none.
-Use social media/Don’t use social media.
-Drink alcohol/ Don’t drink alcohol
3. Answer: What you can and cannot do?
-I can walk/I cant fly.
-I can be loved/I cannot find someone
-I can grow and be sucessful/I cannot do something right
-I can learn/I will never learn
4.Answer: How things happen or can happen?
-I work hard/I manifest
-I let go/I get focus (obsessed?) – My life, you know it!
-I go out/It will knock at my door.
-I will make it happen/I do my best and let the rest happen.
5.Answer: How I feel and why?
-I feel happy/I feel bored -Sorry about that…
-I feel motivated/I feel stuck…

All expression of I is the ego, and only it. I already talked about the movie Soul and I highly recommend it again. You can read more about Ego in this blog and how to lessen its effect.

But let’s talk about what people don’t say.
One day I was in my German class, where I learned nothing, Ich spreche kein Deutsch don’t worry. And the husband of my teacher told me a story about a man that receives monks in his house and at the end of their stay he asked for a blessing in his life to him be happy. Six months later he divorced, lost his job, and was no longer living in that house. For my husband’s teacher, it was a terrible thing what happened. However, I understand the monks’ happiness. The first step to meet happiness is to lose the ego. A good part of it, at least. So you can meet your real self, then be happy. And this happiness wasn’t like the one you knew before. You won’t even feel it, it will be something you cannot describe in the reality, at least.
But the thing people don’t say, or it is rare to listen, is that you don’t need to let go of all your I. Nor even fight with your mind. For me, it is more important and the big first step to being aware of the ego. Answer those questions, read more about ego, meditate more, be more present and you will learn about it.
Your mind is not your enemy, you may have a big problem dealing with it. Anxiety, depression, and any mental disturbance are the name to say you have a problem dealing with your mind.
This is a blog post, let’s be real here, I will give you two things to do to start to help you, but you must look for a professional to help your relationship with your mind.
You can start here:
1.Treat your mind as a beautiful servant, not your boss anymore. Observe if your mind is saying “I must do it because of this”; “I can’t do it because of this”, “I will eat it because of this”, “I won’t eat it because of this”, “I go there because of this”, “I will never put my foot there because of this” try to observe as an outsider if your ego is trying to make you obey it, instead of the silence within dictate your will. (There are posts about will, inspiration, and intuition here too). Observe how you feel, it is just a sensation or emotion caused by your thoughts.
2.Be a friend with your mind. Some people call this confused mind, the mind that goes every place, like chaos, give attention to everything but what you want to, monkey mind. Try to be friends with the monkey. Calm down it, be grateful and it helps you, create a relationship with it instead of fighting against its nature. It is a big relief when you stop to worry about what you are thinking and start to observe it, comprehend it.
3.Kill the ego may not be a possibility. Of course, clean the house is important, have a “minimalist ego”, where most of your believes and attachments no longer exist. This is healthy and it will help you keep growing, unlocking new superpowers and that beautiful way of living. And, maybe won’t be easy, probably to be honest. But it worth it.

I hope you enjoy this post,
much love.
EmMa Lopes

How Differences Arise and How not to Polarise them | A Insight Dream

I had a dream where be different is the only way to survive. And if it was truth?

Hello again.
Today I will do something different, something I never did. If you read my blog, you know that I already talked about night dreams and how you can find online tools that Neuroscience knows to train yourself to remember them and develop others’ skills towards these moments of unconsciousness. Well, that said I remembered many of my dreams, and a dream yesterday made me have this need of sharing it.
I already said that all beliefs and situations we live in just say something about your reality.In other words, even if you live something, don’t think it is the only truth, even less the absolute universal truth. And here I start to share this dream:

A young woman, maybe 2 or 5 years younger than me, a man that I felt the existence but didn’t see and I was on a stage, something like a big theater where we were sharing some insights. She was talking about her experience of serving and how this humbled people and it was a great way to achieve this simpler way of living and experience life.
In my conscious being remember the dream, I agree, but in the dream…

She happily finished her talk, and I said very calmly.
“Well, that’s not all correct. Each experience, each being will have your own way of discovering Itself. Maybe it is a great adventure serve, but receive is the great difficulty we have. It is here where the hardness may humble us. Many people will find happiness while they serve something or someone, but receive is where many developments can be made. Of course, since it is different for each of us it may be just my experience on this planet that happened differently since for me was very hard to feel good receiving something. As if I was God myself, I felt like I should take and create all by myself. All my years of faith were suddenly unnecessary because when I should gratefully receive I felt less, guilty, not worthy of it, or that it wasn’t necessary. The serving was easy for me, in completely honest I know one could feel better serving someone with less something this material world stipulates, or a few less if I was serving someone with more of this. Money, beauty, properties, friends, fame, feelings control, “illumination”.”Whatever it is that one can feel the other has or is more or less can make the service put one in a different position as one sees oneself. But I can say I felt the same, equal, easily. When I served, it was with grace. When I had less, I receive more because my equal feeling made me honestly devoted to doing my best, when I had more I didn’t expect to receive something because I was genuinely serving the other. But receive… Receive was another thing. When I did a good job and I was awarded I felt stupid to have to be rewarded, when I receive my asking for God I couldn’t feel like it was right because I didn’t work with my hands to that when I receive from my own job, I felt like it was too much and even if something was wrong I wouldn’t complain. Even working hard, studying hours, improving myself constantly, I wasn’t worthy to receive. When I see someone openly receiving something and being honest with one development I feel so happy for the person, praying that one day I will be like that. I don’t mind when someone smart receives its glories and says “I know I did a great job” when someone becomes a music start I don’t think it wasn’t humble the person says “I did it, I feel awesome that I didn’t give up”, when someone beautiful says “Thank you, I know I am” I feel that it is amazing that the person receives this blessing of God openly. We all should receive those gifts openly because we all can achieve something, we all can thrive without giving up, we all are beautiful creatures of Father… And Mother. (Small laugh in the public). So, we can learn to be humble in many different ways. Your inner Master and the only one you should follow and hear taught you to be humble through service, my Master taught me through receiving. And now and here in this stage, the world is balanced. (we all laugh a little).
Any time you think someone is arrogant because the person assumes its own gains, gifts and rewards ask yourself why can I not feel “Yess… You go man”? Are you pushing God’s gift so hard that you feel jealous of those that accept? Do you think that the person receives too many too easily? Are you jealous? A better question? Are you able to receive it? (silence)
Good, silence always brings new insights.”

The other woman smiled at me. She was in her grace I could see. The talk continued while I shifted to another dream, but this one I won’t share.

I hope you have a blessed weekend.
Much love from me, EmMa Lopes

3 Mislead ideas of Do what you are Passionate, What you Love and What is your Purpose | Yes, you can do it.

I heard one shouldn’t say that we can follow our passion. Your purpose. Do what you love. But they have know idea what is this

Hello again.

Today I want to talk about live the purpose life, do what you love, live to do what you’re passionate about, because once more I listened someone saying people that talks about live the purpose or do what your passionate about is b…

I understand the mistake. Living a purpose life is something hard to understand (not being ironic here) because you was distorted along the years. Do something with purpose is do something because you want to, there is will in this action. I know we are used to do things that we don’t want to. Things that is just bureaucracy or you know, any daily chores. However, live your life, your whole life, doing what you don’t want to do is quite alarming for me. So I thought we could talk about Passion, Love and Purpose in the work area.

Passion: So let’s start talking about do what you passionate about because passion is a feeling, a sensation as a result of something or some one. And sometimes or maybe most of time you’re working or doing something with purpose won’t let you feel passionate. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel good though. You don’t need to feel just passion towards something you are doing you can feel joy, you can feel happiness, you can feel love, you can feel comforted, you can feel gratitude. Passion in the carrier idea is to do something that maybe you dreamed about as a child, maybe something you was told about younger. I have a great example to give. Do you know the TV Show Masked Singer? Can you tell how many great actors, hosts, basketball players and so much more people can sing very well. We believe that sing well is something rare, paint, act, any profession that is more artistic but any human being have an artistic, creative side. Imagination is one of the things some scientists use to separate us from other animals. So, it is normal to work in something and think that other thing is your passion, but you never lived to know. Sometime, people don’t use their free time to do it. So, work around what you think your passion is.

You can start your life in college doing what you’re passionate about and don’t feel so great later on life doing that. Our passions change, and should, must change along the years. I will quote (wait for it) hold on on your chair Cardi B on it. “If you in college, I don’t give a f— what you studying, take a business class“. Study business because if you start something you is passionate about someday you won’t like to do it and probably you will want to work for yourself so take some business class, no matter what you do instead business because one day you can Be your own Boss. So do what you are passionate about can be something quite wrong to start but do something that make you feel good whatever the feeling is. Don’t take a feeling as granted, do a lot of things that make you feel that way.

Love: Sol let’s talk about love. It may sound that is the same as to work for something you are passionate about but it’s different. Do something you love, once again can be almost impossible because you won’t love something always, and here I won’t talk about all kinds of love but let’s have in mind that I’m talking about these material world feeling not the big Love. The one that you are on essence and there will become or go back after this material being is ended. I would say more, instead of do what you love, do what you do with love. That action will bring you passion, happiness, joy and many many good feelings around things you are doing.
If you ever volunteered you know what is to do something you love, but don’t be passionate about it. Here you don’t have the passion, (being general), but you have purpose and love. You purposely are doing this work, maybe you don’t enjoy cook everyday, but sometimes it is part of what you do to help and you do it with love. And you love to do it. I hated my last job, that is normal I know, but I felt love many time when I was helping and creating something better. So, work with love can work if you are passionate about it or not, if it is your dream job, or not.

Purpose: Follow your purpose, so what this even mean. I tell you! (I am jumping in my chair here). Live a purposeful life is to leave doing what you really want, what you is true for yourself. For example I have many dreams, I want to do many many things in this earthy life, and in this process I may be disconnected, unconscious and feel frustrated, feel bored. While I am learning, while I am practicing, while I am editing what I write. But I did because I want to I choose something and I learn it and I went for it because I want to. And these for itself make you follow your Passion do what you Love. But I feel like all these is a misunderstanding because people think that there is just one way to be happy, to fulfil your wishes, to do something with pleasure and more than that. People don’t understand that good or bad feeling, as they call, are just feelings. If you don’t resist to sadness, it won’t hurt anymore. These feeling will be just an alert for you bring your best to the table or for you a knowledge something you don’t like.

Since I love examples let’s do one now. If I feel frustrated with my husband I ask myself why I’m feeling like that. I share with him as a interesting thing. I say “I feel frustrated because that and that you did I’m not saying you cannot do this but I’m saying that I don’t feel good for some reason”. And most of time he helped me to see if he did something that go against some conception I have or if he have done something that he can improve and change. I always made clear to him that a feeling will happen with or without his help. That most of time he will need to give me space to work on it alone and other times I will share with him.

I will try to give you a more easy example to understand and visualize. I am frustrated in a queue in the supermarket so I asked myself why. Probably because I feel like I am doing nothing productive there. Or nothing I enjoy like watch a movie, read. So, if I can, I find a book to read, something to listen, or maybe just aware of this I try to be present and observe and meditate. As I already explained meditation is not just to be sitting with close eyes. Then the frustration goes away.

I just thought about a better example. I felt frustrated watching these YouTube video of a guy talking about not falling your passion, your purpose. And I asked me why. The answer was easy. There are no truth around this how you should chose your work and carrier. There are different moments in your life you will need to take the decision to accept whatever while you get what you want. But I was thinking there are people that are unconscious and think that the only way is to do what other people say not what they really want. There are conscious people that prefer to play as the music then do something different and that is nothing wrong with that. Even in astrology if you have the archetype of Taurus, speaking generally I am using just as an example, they think Taurus like to work hard everyday under the sun to accumulate what it have, and it will and will be easiness with money but working all day. And this person will be great on it. It will be on alcoholic and love it. And that’s okay that’s not a problem. The problem is to think that this is the only option. So I was frustrated because that wasn’t a truth and I wish to share something bigger to think about. Maybe just when we are unconscious we will live without passion, love and purpose. The consciously you just can live on those things and more.

And to calm down my frustration and yours maybe. I will finish this post saying that I cannot save the world neither you but we can share better opinions and have a better world, so please share yours with me and if you have a work online please let me see and share your link. And I already talk about this theme and I said that sometimes we will do what we don’t want while we do what we want as a hobby until one day we can find something that unite both things what make us money to pay the bills and what make us feel good.

I hope you enjoyed this post, much love from.

EmMa Lopes

Age equals be Wise? | How to find your master – Step 1

How old should be my master?

Hello again.
Today I was thinking about age, but for a specific thing. How old you should be to be wise, to share knowledge about deep things like soul, live a better life, honor your body, mind, and spirit.
Many therapists, psychologists, coaches, mediums, psychics work with just one part. (And you will probably affect other parts of you). But I am not talking about those professionals. I am more interested in the prophetic, guru, master kind of wiseness.
For some reason, I feel like I used to look for older people. And, of course, I realized that my ego pushed me to it because I learned from a young age that older people were the wise ones. What I didn’t learn was that many young people too, kids either. And probably this elder person was always wise, but just older people listened to it.
Maybe it is even wiser older, maybe it won’t need to teach more, and we lose a great time listen to good words from someone we were just judging by the age. Like you could judge that an older person is not so athletic… Well, you got me here. Ego work, all ages are wise and move one.
So, how to find them? Who are they? Is there an age? A calling? Or we all are called but most of us just “Nhe… not now” in an unconscious way.

Studying Jesus, Budah, Gandhi, and so many other people who start to teach early I ask myself. Were they special because they started young to see the world differently? Or did they see the world differently because they were special at a young age?
I was 14 when I was conscious for the first time. I felt things, still feel, that are amazing and so hard to put in a word. I can’t say I don’t feel comfortable sharing it, (and I would love people wouldn’t too), because I know this knowledge that comes to me is the same that “talks” with everything. It is not me, mind, name, body, that I work into humbleness, but the emptiness that we call connection, union, love.

After leg goes of those concepts of age I learned with so many people, through so many moments that I heavily think that what you should listen will get you. Even an animal can show you something. And this is not craziness or new, some people use birds to know things. This reminds me of the book The Alchemist when he is in the desert observing the sky while a man looking to learn with the desert master was bravely “fighting” with materials all up in his mind.

So, I let you here with the thought of stop looking for a white-bearded master and look inside even when you looking at the sky.
Have a great week, trying less, and being more.
Much Love,
EmMa Lopes

Why Law of Attraction and Manifestations talks are boring sometime? | But I keep doing

Why sometimes it is boring talk and read about manifesting? Is it normal? Is it real? Does it work?

Hello again.
Why do we love to talk about manifesting, the law of attraction, the secret, be present, live a love life, and all that jazz?
As an spectator I get bored I must confess. I have some videos, and I still think there are too many people recording the same stuff, bless them all, but sometimes I get bored. We see words coming and going trying to explain, for me, the same. But why we all love to do it?
Have you already manifested or noticed that something happened as a result of a belief? It may not be a conscious creation.
Do you want to scream to the world what happened or “It is true!”? I get you, me too.
However, think about yourself without conscious fighting day after day. Would you feel terrible listening that “it is easy”, that it doesn’t need so much “blood”? I ‘feel’ people that can’t listen about those things anymore. I feel like we are sellers of something that won’t make us money, but we do want to share it. (ok, some people does make money talking about those things)

So, all that made me think there are two reasons why we love to talk about it?.
First, obvious and not very useful to other MOST OF THE TIME, money. You invent a new word like “mindset” (I use it, it is important to change your mindset, but it is a new word, it is), a practice (I did it all), write a book (not about this, you can find me on Amazon 😉, record a video(meditation, my manifestations… I did it all. Well, no monetized, maybe one day), and maybe you will get some money (I did, but not with this).
I don’t think make money with it is a problem. Why I don’t think this is a problem? I am glad you asked. At some point, you will help at least a person, yourself. And one more happy people it is a bit of the world happier. Some people, that don’t know much but want to share their experience won’t cause harm to anyone, and one person believing in a different practice will create a belief and be happier too. I don’t see why not. I see people sharing beliefs that just suffering you will honor what you believe in and for me this is the problem, but those people talking about “do this and receive money”, “do that and find a boyfriend” won’t destroy the world.

A second reason to talk about it is because it is so much fun (and I am not saying your life become a musical, but… almost that). You want to share it because it is awesome. You even imagine everybody dancing in the streets because you shared that practice, that little knowledge. You want the world to have fun, looking like everyone have a fun soundtrack following their lives. I would love Adele sing, not writing, my life.

So, why is it boring sometimes?
Yep, I just called manifestation, the secret, and all that I talk about boring. I love you 2020 your crazy ‘darling’!
Let’s focus.
I already shared here that a few years back I had manifested everything, I traveled through Europe, I lived abroad, I wrote my first book, finished college… So I asked, “Universe, teach me how and why we manifest.” It was simple like that. In the first moment, I was overwhelmed with books, talks, people teaching about it. So I asked to learn less maybe it would be too pretentious of me to know all that. And for me and everyone that is reading I can affirm you. It is pretentious to learn everything about it, and it is not pretentious to know everything about it. And that is the part that many people say: “The knowledge is within, but most of the time you can’t put in words” You will be pretentious trying to be this master to others that knows it all, but for sure you already know it. It is boring to watch people talking about the basics because consciously or not, you already know it.
And it is quite simple to make this, (manifestation, the secret, law of attraction and be hapy, interesting again, go deeper. Start to read books you judged as silly, topics you never thought about. Be critical, observe, make your tests. Read about alchemy, hermeticism, other religions, not to change your faith, but to understand it. I already shared that I am catholic, and I deconstruct everything before understand what I was learning. You can learn about psychology, philosophy, and so much more. Start with your ego won’t fight much judging as sin or something like that. But try, please try because I still want a world with people dancing in the streets like a musical.

I leave you here for today, share what you think, what works for you. It always adds something up to us.

I will share those links that help me and you with books I recommend to start.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior:

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich:

Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations

Reality transurfing. Steps I-VReality transurfing. Steps I-V

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham:

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires:

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment:

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Oprah’s Book Club, Selection 61):

Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations with God Trilogy 3 book set RRP £29.97 by Neale Donald Walsch (Paperback):

The Magic (Secret (Rhonda Byrne))

Many Lives, Many Masters:

Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship):

The Tao of Warren Buffett:

Dali Lama Meditations:

Paulo Coelho Book Collection:

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement:

The Pilgrim, Paulo Coelho:

Bible for young people (I recommend it for everyone):

Bible (Pink cover with space for notes):

Bible (More classic):

[Tarot decks I use to meditate]:

Osho Zen Tarot:

Gypsy card(a bit different than mine):

And my books:
*The High Priestess:
*A Papisa (The High Priestess):
*Um Chá e Um Café:

Much love,

EmMa Lopes

Life proved me Law of Attraction Works | I am back

When life proves you Law of attraction work. How to experience law of attraction?

Hello again. 

I don’t think the time is passing fast, but two months ago I was going to my parent’s house to take care of their four dogs as they continued the “moving process”. Two days later, they asked me if I wanted to move to the old apartment of them. 

Maybe you’re asking yourselves, “Is it a diary blog, for instance?” 

Well, yes.

I am kidding… kind of. I am sharing it for a simple reason. The Law of attraction (you can use another name) does work. No “buts” here. Just accept it, and I will tell you why. However, I want to say that THERE ARE SO MANY different nuances of reality and different ways of happening that you may think it doesn’t happen. 

From a person that loves trying new things and challenges itself, I just can say, try it. Try honestly, not the “I will prove it doesn’t exist” try. 

In less than three years I moved from a tiny apartment in a simple place, in a simple city, with a bathroom that didn’t work, a street with no pavement, used furniture, old cabinets. One of those places you see in the Property Brothers show, but in the before scene. I was receiving an internship salary plus some money I earned teaching Math and basic English, (total of 200 dollars nowadays). After play with the famous online practice Two Glass of Water in less than a month, I receive an opportunity to work. I already shared this story. I was applying for jobs for more than a year, next to my birthday I thought that I would stop searching and I did the practice. Some weeks later a friend of my mother asked for my resume and a month later my income was 824 dollars. Here in Brazil, you can live comfortably with it as a single person with no kids. Being honest, many people live with 200 salaries working in two places as I did with kids. By the way, if you don’t have structure, don’t have kids please. It will be better for them. (I am a child of teenager passion with no head, as the kid I tell this with all my heart). 

Before COVID I was asking God to leave the job. It wasn’t my thing, but I wanted to be safe, of course. I felt in my heart that everything would be fine. And it did. My father had a great opportunity for business, and he wanted me to work with him, from home. From the big apartment, he used to live. Eight minutes walking to the beach, in one of the best cities in the country, with a beautiful view, 3 bedrooms, and so many other cool things. (Of course I pay rent, energy, internet… But I doubled my salary and I make my more money investing and trading with the money I saved in the job and more than 50% I receive nowadays).

I already told you that I was grateful and happy in all the places I lived in. I never cursed my old furniture, the street with no pavements, or the bathroom that didn’t work. And I know there will be more moving house soon because I know that manifest is the certainty that life can be smooth. If you allow it too. 

I am not talking just for me, but for many abuse stories and traumas I read and saw. It is possible to overcome your ego and sickness of your mind to start to live a better life. And, I won’t lie, it will be weird. We don’t know to live in a happy scenario. We don’t. My father asks himself “What now? Am I going to die?”. Because life is better and he only learned to live life with a constant ordeal. He and I are learning to live this better life and help others to improve too.

I am studying to live the experience for itself, accept the existence. However, as a human, I understand those thoughts because I had them when I was 27 with all my dreams already checked. But life is to be alive, learn is a small part. Be alive is this thing summarized. Maybe you will learn 1%, work 95%, love 4% but all this is being alive. If you want to give your ego more to feel accomplished as a society odder try to love 95%, learn 4% and work 1% changing what you say to yourself and being present. (Look for Marisa Peer and Eckhart Tolle).

Well, I am back after two months of moving, changing things in the house, helping my parents move, and all that craziness. I hope you understand that this is my experience with the trinity of life, mind, body, soul, and how I perceive it. As I always say, it is different for each of us. Just enjoy the reading and if motivates or gives you a bit of faith great, if not, it is you living life purely, with no plus or buts. 

Much love, 

EmMa Lopes

How to Believe in Your Power? | From “I can’t” to “I’am doing it!”

How to observe where you are to arrive in your power successfully? How to meet your power?

My first step was to learn about a strong dualistic belief we have(well, I did). I needed to move from impossible to possible, understanding it was just opinions. 

The book that found me was talking about the infinite possibilities we have while we develop the trust in the miracle, the impossible in this world we PERCEIVE. 

I read the Coca-Cola story, v8 motor story, Disney Story, Saints stories, and many other success stories. All of them were amazing. Since I was leaving my childhood, I could see myself as them, powerful as them, but I know it can be difficult in an adult mind. Be able to do anything in the material aspect was growing on me. However, nowadays, I have difficulty accepting myself as an “equal” of Gandi, Madre Teresa, even Jesus that taught was we could do more than he did if we had faith. When I asked the Universe to learn about how we can manifest, how we can live a life of manifestation, and I learned about this existence we all are, I had a difficult time accepting it. Still am!

So, here I want to share two things, that will be one, you can do to see, meet and be comfortable with your power. 

  1. Read and see videos of success stories. Here you can observe two reactions. How do you feel about others’ success? Do you believe it? Do you feel happy for them? Do you feel like, “yes, it is possible”? Do you feel a bit of fear in your belly? Everything you felt is yours, don’t think that it is the person fault, even if the person lied anything is possible, may not have happened to this person, but it can for someone else, it doesn’t matter actually, because here you are just adding motivation to go after what you want and observing how your ego, your thoughts, your paradigms react to success. No, the person is not a liar, it was not luck, it is not an exception, everything you feel or think it is you. You react to your life, so observe and correct your way to perceive life. Once I read that everything is “supporting actors” of your life. I thought it was poetic. Now I see that in your reality, people, things, animals, will act for you and what you feel and think are the director of how they act. If this is too big to understand now, it is ok, it took me time to. Let’s go to the next part. When you feel motivated watching other people’s successes, use them to add power to yourself. See the impossible happening can open doors in your mind, make you feel good, and change your reality. 
  2. Be present. And I would like you to tattoo it “Be present”. If you want to be better in everything in your material life, practice to be present. I have many techniques to help you with it on this blog. You can always look at Eckhart Tolle that dedicates his talks to talk about it. You can learn about alchemy to learn about it. Even if you are considered orthodoxy you can still learn it. If you read with an open heart and let your ego in the next room just for a moment you will understand that the philosophical stone is not a physical thing, that you will be the lead to be transformed in gold. And, yes, many people believed it could be literal, but I would say that you will be able to do such things after you be alive in your true existence if it is your purpose. Until there, be the stone, the lead transforming into gold. “Be present” can become something boring to read, as “practice gratitude”, but believe me, you will listen and read a lot of this because it is that simple, but ego can’t work here and it is working on your ego (mainly) that you will access those realities.

Be present, and motivate yourself with success stories. 

See you soon.

EmMa Lopes

How Let Go Is Important | Law of Attraction Poetry

How to see the truth beyond your material senses? Story case

Perhaps… Perhaps.
Do you have a word you particularly like?
I love words. Of all languages, sizes and accents.
And I’m a fan of some especially
Maybe, it is the habit of those who love to write
See the word beyond what it means
Feel its sounds and movements in the tongue…
…Once, I have been told that I write badly,
but it’s not their fault, it was mine.
I went to be among them, I didn’t know how to choose.
And in the hardness of her dissertations, a poet doesn’t know how to write
However, they are to blame for the hardness of heart
After all, it wasn’t difficult to realize that whoever read The Name of the Rose in the hall
It did not seek acceptance, but the salvation of laughter and the soul
Those bulls, in the blindness of the profession, the reference would not understand
Perhaps, those who would die for the tongue to unlock the secret of the next book.
…may I continue with the bohemian Palermo and they with the great Milan

Understanding the references(Why I love literature):

This poetry talks about the time I spent studying engineering in Brazil, it was a lovely time in many aspects, but I remember I wasn’t good writing scientific texts. It was always my creativity that saved me there. Of course, as free as poetry can be, I used exaggerations since there are big hearts in this profession, and among the professors I met.
Spoiler alert if you never read The Name of The Rose from here.

First, please read it. Secondly, people die in this book when day find this mysterious book that is poisoned. Since they die when touching the finger in the book and in the tongue to move it to the next page. I mixed the meaning of the words and what it makes you imagine. There a mysterious physical book in this story, for me the words and story that mysteriously comes when I am writing a book.
Taurus is the astrological ‘money and work’ sign. The bull is even used as those that push the actions and cryptocurrency market. In the Milan Duomo, there is the symbol of the Taurus and Virgin, those that are systematic and professional, so I used just the reference of the hardness and materiality of those symbols, of course, there are much more about those symbols and the Duomos’ artists knew that. And in Palermo Duomo, you have Pisces and Scorpio, the most spiritual signs, speaking in a generalist way.
‘Perhaps’ has a hardness in the speaking, but a subtle meaning. Everything may or not be, has a possibility, depending on the reality it is. So, used as the main word, give this sense of it can be, but you won’t worry if it won’t and you will be mistaken if you think that must or not be. Let this ‘maybe’ exist is important.
I hope you enjoy it.

Much love,
EmMa Lopes

I try to find my IKIGAI | Be Aware of It Before You Try | Links for IKIGAI

IKIGAI: What is? How to do it? Best links? Can I eat it? Find your purpose samurai mode

Hello again.
So I decided to do it, find my IKIGAI. But this post starts far away from that. When I think about what I love to do it varies in so many ways. I love to travel, I never say that “It is good to travel, but it’s great to come back home too”. Not for me. I love to read, but it can get me tired. I love to eat, but if I am full, I am full. I love to write, but if I am in a rush to deal with bureaucracy, normal, every person deals with life, I can’t write. And I love to search and learn about how cultures relate themselves with spirituality. (Many other things, but you got the point).

IKIGAI goes further to not just find what you love to do, but what you can really do. Nowadays it is quite hard to separate professions, know and do as much as you can and if you want to do it where you can and want, if possible. Youtube it is there to prove you can talk about video games and in other channels, (maybe in the same), share your vacations. And if you love it, at least you will be good to share good researchers and facilitate the process for others. I start to think about what I really like to do. Then I looked at me since I was a child, dance was added to the sum. Things were getting wild.
But today, there I was in my work outbreak day, (thank you Chloe Ting), and I saw a video of astrology 101 from 5 years ago. Curious as I am, I started to watch it. (Before your ego judges me or astrology, first it is statistically likely to be real it convinced me a lot, secondly “ego work” learn what goes against what you believe it is a great way to start as I did, 3º I do not believe in seeing the future, but that you can find knowledge everywhere, astrology or a truck plate, as you need to). There I was, with my book open to edit, but craving these classes on Youtube. So I listen to my inner child and I started to have fun with it. So, I realized.

IKIGAI. It is not what you like to do, you can be paid for, what you have fun with or any other thing like that.
It is all that and more. Maybe you will love medicine, but hate the hours of work you should work initially. However, when you find a balance between these hours and other things that make you happy you will have your IKIGAI and harmony.

I did an IKIGAI test, a draw with the whole system answering the questions. I listened to videos, read posts… And since I am not a professional I ask you to search it too. You will learn a lot of new ways to see your carrier and yourself. The only issue I found was that the boxes try to fix something that you can be paid for, not something you already like and do, (maybe), in light of how to make enough money to live doing it. I saw many people talking about it “I found it, but I don’t know how to make money off it”. And I saw many people saying that you should find a job that should be in the box, like in the online test I did said “sales costumers attendant” because I am good to talk with people, calm them down and I like to write. But I did this already, I don’t like it. But they can’t show you how to make a living doing what you know it is your path to walk, (or one of them). That is the only limitation I found and yes, there are many discussions on the subject of doing what you love, what you passioned about. Some think it is naive to think like that, others that if people do it, why can everyone find your act…

Well, astrology explains that sometimes people love painting but feel ok in a 9-5 job and can be known for both, I saw a model on Youtube that loves to be a bricklayer, and he is. I love to write and learn about spirituality, but I bake for other people and I make travel plans too. If you find a unique IKIGAI, just remember nobody is asking you to do just one thing for the rest of your life, but your boss… I am kidding. You get the idea. Be open to learn and adapt and things will happen for your good, even if you need to be a costumer attendant for a while.

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Much love,
EmMa Lopes