Intermittent Fasting


After a week of fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours during the 24 hours of my day I can share this experience with you all.

But let’s start with how I get there. This goes back to my 12 years old when I started to listen from my mon that I should care more about my weight. Don’t get her wrong, I ate like a maniac. I mixed Cheetos with “Oreo” kind of biscuit in a big bowl and eat it. When she was not watching, of course.

Later in my teen life I did start to care about what I ate, so I didn’t eat, like at all. I read about people that could do it, so crazy people who meditate all day long and eat nothing. (A teen thought of what I became later). “If some people can do it, I can do it”.

Sure EmMa, sure! (Crazy girl).

Besides that I started to walk and dance, I even teach dance when I was younger. Nobody can believe it. (Not even myself).

And many many years went by. And I was a college young smart woman. As I knew college could make any diet go crazy I steak with count calories but not get mad on it. By this time I was working out, I had the fitness period in life, all thar jazz.

But the ups and downs were continuous in my life. Lose weight, gain weight, lose, gain…

After my first exchange to England, I had a moment of clarity. First, if I manifested a month in England, I can deal with weight stuff. So I ask God to help me with that. While I was wating I thought I should give myself a break from “Food thinking”. No more counting calories in the week, so I could eat myself in food size in the weekend. Just eat pretty lady, just eat. And put some alive food in your day, you know, to keep it a bit health. 2 month later my mom, you know the one that encourage me to watch my weight, she was all about “You are to young, stop losing weight…” People asked what have I done. I said honestly NOTHING! But you know us people, we must do something, miracles doesn’t exist. (Exist, but wasn’t the case, I am getting there).

I ask God: What have I done? I lose 4kg with no work out, eating everything I want. What?

So I realised, I got a better relationship with food. I was eating when I feel hungry, not “trashweekened”, because I didn’t need to. If I want a chocolate today, Tuesday I ate. So I arrived on weekends not feeling necessities. After this time, I manifested a second exchange, a year in England with many adventures around Europe… And I got on the vegan train. I am not a vegan, maybe one day, but most of my meals are. I never worried about food and I promise myself to keep it, no matter what crazy diet was invented. You know where I want to get: Intermittent fasting.

I said know when I read the first time about it. But, after read a book talking about Steve Jobs, learning about a book that he used to read, Autobiography of a Yogi from Yogananda. In this book I read bout some master that didn’t eat or eat few in a day. I started to be curious about it. I must confess here, that I am not a big fan of chew, I am lasing on doing it. But I love new flavours.

In that week I search for Saddguru on YouTube to see what he says about it. Well, he talked about the Nobel prize Yoshinori Ohsumi and all the pros about fasting. I decided to do it then.

Day 1: I feel nothing different.

Day 2: I didn’t have morning allergies as I used to. I was quite happy because I was in gratitude for the first day. I had more time to mediate, that was enough for me to like the process

Day 3: I was hungry in the morning, then I thought I was doing it for  spiritual purpose, so in meditation the hungry disappeared. (I was on bus to work, by the way). So, it is possible to do it even with a messy routine. During the day I new I was being supported in ways I didn’t realize it. Because I didn’t feel hungry anymore and I was feeling like Jim Carry talking about Eckhart Tolle Now teachings. Just in state of grace and love.

Day 4: I felt full of energy, I even sleep less. My day started to be more productive.

Day 5, 6 and 7 was very easy and I saw I had more time for spirit because I didn’t need a lot of meal plan. I feel less hungry and I could plan more good practices in my day.

I start on a Sunday 20 hours, (8 p.m.), then I lunch in the next day. I eat from noon to 8 p.m.

I try eat healthier I could because I didn’t know how I would feel about it. But now I do this fasting 3 or 4 days in a week and I feel great, really great.

Please I am not encouraging fasting for lose weight or be crazy about food, just sharing that it is good and it can make good for your body, but mainly for your soul if used as a cleansing for body, time and soul.  

I hope this experience shared can help anyone who think about doing it, and that I can put some sense in your mind saying that you should ask for help. Talk with your doctor, your spiritual chief, your family…

(My crazy mon soon will be a nutritionist, so I asked for help)

I talk a bit more on this video

See you next time.

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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