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I am here again to talk about feeling better. Maybe it will look like yesterday I talked about dieting, but I was talking about the soul, today maybe I should talk about the soul, but it will be about the body in the end.

(Now I know why one of my favourites song is Ironic from Alanis Morissette)

Almost three years ago I ask the Universe to be more in the spiritual path, learn more, feel more connected, feel better in my skin, learn to be a better version, where I could understand the sign, listen the message and grow. Well, body is highly connected with it.

It looked beautiful in paper. Then I started to receive books, videos, be overwhelmed by information, practices. Not longer after I started to notice how I see myself poorly. I didn’t know but I had  low self esteem. I thought “Was it my childhood?”; “My teenager period?” … What did that?

Well, everything. Parents, religion, school… The firs step was to understand where my selflove was being undone.

Well, I won’t be able to talk about everything in detail, but I can give you a hint of where to find the causes and some quotes that may catch you too, like:

“You are here (on earth) to learn” because you are an incomplete being.

“You must do what make you pay the bill” because what you love to do it is not good enough.

“You must work while they are sleeping” because more is better than quality.

“God is watching you” judging you, even though He says to not judge and that you are part of Him on earth (I don’t remember the part where any book says that It has a imperfect part).

“You must improve your defects” so you can be ok in everything and not be the best in a specific thing.

Most of this make you look just for what is not relevant. Imaging a person that learned to developed what it was always good at. That could learn that it could be anything because there are no one judging him or trying to be better than him. That it could use everything it is to BE only. You probably already listen or talked about win the lottery, right? What people want to do first? First, celebrate. We urge to celebrate because we are here for it, to feel good feelings. Why should it be different, make no sense to me. Second, you will do what you love. Probably be the best version of yourself because you can experiment life properly. (I know,” but I am poor now”… bla bla bla). I am sure, you can start do something right now toward what you love to do. You can celebrate life every second, even in the a bad work. Celebrate that you know that is not for you and now you can put yourself out there to find what you love. Maybe you will need to do both in the beginning, but since you doing what you love, why not?

And what this relates with this title?

Well, after lose the sicking feeling to be perfect, I understood that I was perfect, but I didn’t know how to feel like this.

So I have learned a few practical things you can do. (I did).

1º Project yourself.

Would you say to a child how imperfect it is? Or you would look the best of it, and help it to improve where it could? Project yourself in front of you and look it as you were looking for someone else. See objectively how it is. Did it finish school? Great, congratulation, I am proud of it. Did it go to adolescence without become crazy, great! Did it put itself out there sometimes, maybe by the time was a big thing? That’s amazing! You will start to realize how much you went through, (good and bad for your mind judgements, but you pass it). If possible, write it down. Don’t judge you, if you are better, great, if you think you aren’t you have space to do it.

2º Draw you now and after.

I’ve learned this with Lavendaire Youtube channel. She drew her in a part of her life when she was lost, I would say. (Because it was how I felt too). Then, she drew the version of her and life she would accomplish. (Not the dream one, but the one she would accomplish). It made real for now. I did this myself and I have low work out time, no free time for nature, few hours for myself, my bank account… Everything. Then that I want walk, practice yoga, find time for myself, give attention for nature in my path and put some in my house, and the lottery ticket. (What? I am human).

3º Remember, you are not your mind.

Just be. Forget your mind sometimes. Look what your body have the best, even if you think it is just your hand. Enjoy and put attention in what you have the best because that will make you different for the other, better that you imagine you could be and a improved self. If you have nice eyes, make it look even better. People will notice it. Enjoy your best self!
Now, do it for a week or more. Just look your best part, suddenly you will look for yourself as an amazing body living the best of it.

I hope this help you.

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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