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Hi again.

Today I was recording a video about another video I saw, when the woman teaches the obvious, and as usual, the most amazing thing. Because most of time we are not ready to se the obvious or we don’t want to. The video was “The Biggest Secret to Life” and was all about live the dream life. As I said, the romantic comedy life, where many of was want. The travel, the love, the connection with people, the friends, the classic music or the pop one talking about live this life, the perfect parking space, the green lights, the fancy clothes… You choose. (You may not like this type of movie, but sure you would love that life went all easy and beautiful as them).

This perfect life living reminds me the new famous, in trend word: SERENDIPITY. That is good, beautiful surprises happening for you. Who doesn’t want that?

We want travel and adventure, but not the type where someone kidnap you and your father must deal with European mafia to find you, (if you don’t get the reference: Taken, 2008). You want the best Rome “gelato”, meditate with someone with a touching history in India and fall in love in a beautiful Island.

(No, I have no idea what Love Island is, I am from Brazil, I think we don’t have this show and I don’t have TV at home, but I watch British youtubers and I know about it. I was talking about Eat Pray Love).

I think I pass the idea of a Romantic Comedy life.

With that said, to this serendipity work we must be in a higher energy frequency, what in easier words is feel well. Feel great. Feel in love even with your toilet paper. Can you do that?
I listen your mind saying: “But I don’t have the money to buy the best one”. Or “Where I work the buy the worst one” Or “Why are you talking about toilet paper?”. I know, but you can understand that we were taught through what we experience feel. So, if you gain a gift without expect it you will feel happy. If you travel for a new place, you will feel joy.

But the idea in this video and in the teaching to live the dream life is feel those higher feeling (be in a higher frequency) so everything around works as good as you feel. The cause and effect would be the opposite of what we have learned. Maybe this would be weird for you, but I was think about that the bad feeling without a rational or conscious thought are accepted for us. I had moments, days, sometimes just minutes that I felt sad, nostalgic, irresponsive and I thought it was normal. Just a moment of no joy. So why a moment of love, passion or joy should exist jus and it was provoked? “Shouldn’t I be able to feel great with no reason too?” “Did I felt like that without realise in some point of my life?” Well, if you wondered this too. I would like to tell you that, as I was, you are lacking a bit consciousness. But the good news is that you can and must feel passion and joy and love for every second of your life, and this is the secret.

Shower imaging yourself in this beautiful waterfall or in a gorgeous hotel bathroom, as you wish, and have the best time. Or make your bath a great time with music and candle.

I made a list of my routine moments and I try a week doing everything with love. I will share this experience living the secret soon, but I can guarantee you that it would make your life, at least, easier.

Do everyday count is easier to say than done, but this will help this type of life (dream life) a great deal.

So Live with PASSION. This is the most valuable tip I receive, and I would like to share. And in this emotion setting you can manifest easily what you want to.

I hope this help you.

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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