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A simple way to practice law of attraction daily


Today I came here to share my experience with the biggest secret, or the real secret of law of attraction. I always questioned myself about the practical side of all that talk. “Ask and feel as you received already”, and I was asking myself: How? Any practical thing I can do?…

So, I wonder about it, and I asked God to know how to have the best day, a day full of serendipity, because, let be honest. I won’t be able to ask everything for every moment of my life, but if I know how to live as this good surprises are attracted for me, I would feel free to put attention on big plans as I live the perfect life in the process. And as we already know. If we feel good, good stuff happen, then for the big plan is easier to be achieved.

So I saw a video, where the person was surprised with the biggest and obvious secret of law of attraction.

Live with passion!

See and act in every moment with passion. Feel passion eating your lunch as you were in the best restaurant eating it. Or wherever you would like to be, as you like to be. Don’t pretend to be there, I am not saying to live in a fiction life, but the feeling of gratitude and love you would have in that special moment, feel now. Take a shower with the feeling of a fancy hotel shower, or a shower in a beautiful waterfall. How would you feel? Feel now!

That was the secret. This become more visual for me to practice. Maybe this would be pretty obvious for you, maybe in some point I listen it and I didn’t understood properly, and now that I do understand what Live with Passion means I think this is an amazing way to explain how to practice and have the best life.

So, I’ve tested for seven days live with passion. Let’s talk about it:

1 day: I started with passion to soon forget it. But as soon I realised, I was not conscious and practicing this passioned life I put myself back in love.

2 day: The day is smooth. I started to write a blog anoteforabetterlife yes, this one. And I am having fun with it. Everyday I learn something new, even the smallest thing. And I can share here, as I consume from others blogs too.

3 day: I received a dark KitKat from a Sir. that works in the company I do. I felt very happy with it. First, you know chocolate. Second, be remembered for a person I didn’t do much more them be polite with. (I feel this way). But it was great, and I saw that I received the love back. Not just directly from people, but from God (Universe, Mother, Angels…) Every moment it was special for me.

Day 4 and on, I decided to share and do this for ever. I am a blessed person. I had all my dream accomplished when I was 27. After that I created new one and while some are unfolding, I am living a blessed life. I had a hard 2019, with lost in my family, but I am learning so much in this spiritual growth process that I don’t feel terrible in those moments. I let myself miss, cry, feel the material lost. But my heart knew that everything would be fine. When I felt bad, I was fighting with my ego, with anxiety, with expectation, with illusion.

 I am walking in a good path; I don’t know what will happen next but now I know that with passion for my life I can live the best day and make every moment count.

Day 7: I had a bad start; I always have this “end of the weekend sadness”. Monday is great, but Sunday, I need to improve my feelings and actions on it. But After I realise, I start again. I share my bad moment rationally with my family and the rest of Sunday was pretty good!

So, I am here, in this peaceful state I am, in love and passion for my blessed life (Blessed because it was giving to me) I want to share that this little change can make everyday a day to remember.

Just do it people.

Try be conscious about how you feel, provoke love and passion and live your best life every day. Not because something happened, but because you won it and you decided that it would be good!

See you soon,

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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