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I always had some truth in my head that came from nowhere. For example:

  • Money is not bad, and I don’t worry about because I knew I would always have it.
  • Struggle is not a purpose. In some way, The Universe showed me, before I knew Taoism exist, that won’t be through “hard work” as my grandparents knew that I would do what I want it.
  • I am in the wrong place, I should be born in a colder place. (I know, weird, but I always feel like it).

Some people may say this is crazy, weird thoughts that I learned in some of these books that people make just for sell, or someone monk from a country that don’t live our reality. (Sadly, we don’t live their, I would say).

But I thought like that since I was 8 years old. I remember the day I thought I would live abroad because I knew I was in the wrong place. I was a kid sleeping in my friend floor, I was about 11 years old in this one. For us here, two of these are relevant.

  1. Let’s talk about gain, receive, achieve this effortlessly from a child innocence and mind. Maybe, a purer connection with soul.

My family always told me I should be the best in school, so I was (most of time). When I was about 12 years old, I saw myself receiving a “well done” for a 10, but my brother receiving a new bicycle for be able to move for the next year class. With the worse grade. I felt that was unfair, my parents that he wasn’t so smart them me. Well, he is, believe me. But he didn’t have this study necessity. My brother loves farm, he can work with cows, plants and heavy things all day long. School probably was his “hard work”. But the point is that doing the job I received nothing, he received everything.  Of course, I didn’t have this point of view that time. I just felt like work hard was pointless. I want to tell all my life here, but what I “work hard” for I didn’t have good results, or any. When I “gave up” or let go, miracles happened. I will give some examples that have register.

I study what I don’t like because people make me believe it was the only prospered option. Maybe you went through it, with a father saying you should be doctor, lawyer, or some of those traditional careers. For me, military career was the option. But, my hard study result on nothing. The “intelligent” people from my class had easiness to deal with most of the subjects. They like to study that. I think here, we understand that “hard work” is just the work we don’t like to do.

Other example, some years went by. I learn more the ask and receive process. I had this desire to live a year abroad. I don’t ask for move permanently because I was afraid by the time. So, a year would tell me if I could move to other country for good. After a month meditating on it, I was sure my desire was received for God. (You can feel it in a second, for may weak faith I needed a month. Get over it). After that I decided enjoy people, place and college. My current life. Six-month latter I had this friend telling me about a program for college students. There I was, moving to England for a year after a year of planning, buying ticket and moving. I did nothing. I just act on the opportunity. Plan and organize everything were boring, but not hard work because I was complete in my asking being received and becoming reality.

Everything I put me, as body in pain to achieve, I had no result, or I made the situation worse. Even about losing weight I went to no result with hard work to be in my health weight just living life.

My statement after all that thought about it. Hard work is bulls***

You can feel tired working but still not feeling like hard work, that’s the point. I am teaching myself to have more easiness toward my goals, still difficult, but since I know this in my ‘core’ I am practicing let God work. I am (was, was… sorry Universe) a control freak. I am trying have more peace on me, otherwise I would have list steak in my forehead. Not very glam!

  • Money is a great thing.

Maybe it was a kid thought, in an imaginative world. But I still have this feeling.  I ask myself why sometimes. But for me, it is like a feeling that what I am here to live, if I choose to be in the path of this desire (what ever is it) I will live it. For sure, no doubt here. This is the weird knowledge I had. (And I have it). I always was the one worried about saving money in my family, I felt more traditional in this subject than my parents. I never knew why. Save for me is a pleasure, I have no idea why. Maybe because some point in childhood we didn’t have much, or because my parents always talk about the lack of it. But, living conscious I put it in flow as much as I feel comfortable for. But this assumption came from this same place, that I ask for something and I always receive the money to have or do what I want. And when I think about luck, I believe it. But it is the size of your faith in Yourself.

Which are your good believes? Those you child self knows since you were young. We always talk about grow out the bad beliefs, but the good one? Do you remember some?

I was wondering about this and I love my ones, I try to put them more and more in action, so I can live this flow, this easiness, this peace here and now.

I hope this text helps you.

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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