Lucid dream. Read dreams Remember dreams. Are these possible? | EmMa Lopes

From train to remember dreams and have lucid dreams to wonder myself what they mean. I developed a way to figure the meaning out.


Let’s talk about dreams. Not what you want to in life, but the night dreams.

When I was 14 years old, I stumble on a book about the power of mind, there are three things that interested me immediately: How to remember dream; how to have lucid dreams; transcendental meditation.

So, I search about, (I still do), how to remember my dreams and have lucid dreams. But, one problem started to happen after I have success on these areas. First, I will talk about how I achieve those controls.

Lucid dreams were very fun, I highly recommend reading about it. Neuroscience has many practices you can do to start to be more aware of be dreaming. One of them is to meditate looking for an object that you buy just for the practice. When you see it in the dream you understand you are dreaming, and you can act on the dream as you wish. I could have some adventures and the most important, I could observe the dream happening most of time.

Remember the dream. I try sleep with the intention on my head. I see myself taking note of the dream in the morning while I think: I put intention to remember the dream in the morning. Most of my days I remember the dream, now a days I can remember the transition from one to other and more than one at time. When I write them after waking up, I have more details, if took me more time the dream starts to be a memory and I forgot some parts of it.

About the new situation with the “remember dream” practice: I started to be questioning myself the meaning of them, how would I know if that was messages there, or impressions of my subconscious mind, or it was just a crazy imagine. “What was that?”

My mother always told me that when I was a child, I had a dream about the death of someone. It was not a bad dream, but I keep repeating the grandfather was in the sky. When we arrived at school, they told us that my little friend had lost her grandfather that day.

That was small for me because I didn’t remember, and it didn’t happen anymore. But this questioning got stronger when I dreamed with this scenario:

I was at the bus station of my city, embarking on the bus to a city where it was the University Campus I apply for. I wake up thought a bit about it and I said to my mother: I am in the university. Mother didn’t care much because the results would take two months to be online. But I knew I would pass it, and I did. It was a clear easy one to figure out.

After that I start to see that some dreams were repeating on my life. Some of them I know what they mean now, and it was never wrong till now. I don’t accept them as prophecy, but as something I can change, a warning. (Well, if it is a good thing I accept as God coming to me, for sure).

With the passing years I try to read into them. And I developed a simple system. I will create an image here as example:

The dream: There is a party in my school, I was in the school then I go home to get dressed. My father gives me this ride to home and back, in the dream this part was very subtle and easy to forget. When I arrive, everybody was dressed up and I was in uniform. I see a person that I don’t like much, so I decide to go home to change using an Uber. In my path out to the school I see a cousin I don’t see a while in the real life, she was in kitchen eating, normal scene, but the fact she was in the school. The driver was a famous actor, there was a person with him, a young man I know, but I don’t know from. I become an observer when the car is stopped and some group of people, I can’t see in the dream try to rob them. Everything finish well and I wake up.

At fist it seams pretty crazy. But I question myself how I feel in each part, how I feel about each person.

The party: I don’t like the school, the dream show that I don’t fit in with the close situation, can be time to leave.

Back home: Familiar thing or situation that doesn’t happen for a while.

Famous in a normal environment: Success in something you are going after and maybe you don’t give to much credit.

Troublemakers: In the success ride you will be protected; you will see situation arise but it all pass.

What I do, and it is the most rational I arrive until today, is to see objectively what each part means to me in this world.

People: There are 4 main people in this dream, the person on school I don’t like, my cousin, the famous actor, the younger guy. Think about the person and what they make you feel. Normally parents are seeing as protector, for example.

Places: What do you like to do in them? How do you like them?

Action: What happen in the dream, are something you judge as bad? Is it bad or your ego judge like it? How would you feel in the real life? How odd is it in your judgement?

Object: What that object means to you? Nothing? There is some old story? Sentimental value?

Focus scene: How much the scene takes your attention? The clear point is easier to understand and probably what you can learn soothing from it.

Do you have some method about dreams?

I hope this helps,

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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