How to be positive and truly believe in yourself! I can’t deal with pessimists. | EmMa Lopes

I get tired with negative people (like me). How I became a positive person. How not be pessimist?


I was thinking about the negative and sceptical people. Me!

Ok. Maybe not now a days, but some years ago. As a child, as I already said I had high beliefs, then, not so high. Watching Brazilian politics, not being very attractive teenager, all craziness in the world. Well, I can say I was more sceptical than negative. I was negative mainly about what I deserve. For example, I’ve learned about the power of God, but I just believe it would happen a miracle if I was dying, maybe. The ask and receive was pretty unreal for me. I am grateful that I’ve learn more about it young, so I could grow more positive. I still have a lot of paradigms to change about what I deserve, but I am better than before.

With the hard work and just study to the traditional job I already expose a bit what my beliefs make me go throw. So, I was thinking about if I didn’t learn all of it. If I was pessimistic, sceptical.

In the first moment I wonder myself, what really is a pessimistic / negative person? A brilliant Brazilian professor of ethics says “the pessimist is first of all a vagabond”. In the interview he talks about the easiest in the speech of a “vagabond” since most of them put the gilt in other, in the government, in the life, in God… What ever it make the gilt and a possible action to improve the situation out of his responsibility.

The example is quite easy to think: You may listen once, with luck, or maybe you said it once: “The humanity is destroying the planet”. But the person doesn’t take a smaller shower, keep using not recycle plastic, eating food that demand large areas that are affecting forests, smoke, use their cars everyday… so many things to not help at all.

I am not perfect, don’t get me wrong. But put every month or year a goal to improve in yourself and in your house is easy, believe me. The tip is start, keep going, if you fail once that is ok, don’t make yourself a villain and start again. Try fail less in a bigger amount of time. No one needs to be a superhero. No one will save the world, but everybody can improve a bit every day. That cliché quote: 1% better a day is 365% in a year. (I wrote this with stupid voice like a kid, I must confess). But it is true. And it is not hard, believe me. I am nice person; my mother can confirm. (Let’s go back to the “serious” subject).

Personally, I get tired of really negative people.  It is not like someone in a bad day, or afraid in a point of life, or a random complain. I am talking about that person that expect Murphy every day. I am tired already. But this is just me, I try not lost my patience because in the end of the day we all are improving, experiencing, living.

Talking about the scepticism. I was a Master of It, even though I always study the bible, I’ve learned about Jesus miracles and all that. I had shades of scepticism, I believe in miracles, but for others. I beliefs in the power of God, but better promise something to help what I want to happen, I can do everything, but the carrier I want is dying, it is for few people. “Better than me” – unconsciously was in my mind because how could I believe and love myself but think “it is for few, not me” The point I knew I loved me and I deserve all I was far away of those contradictions. The worse of it is that I went throw miracle, I lived my dream, and I still was sceptical about the possibility of a carrier doing what I love. (Sometimes I even don’t understand how this controversy can exist). I will give some more examples so you can identify if you have some of those beliefs:

I am healthier. But I always have some pain pill with me, you know, headaches or something like that.

I am health. But I want to lose two more pounds.

I love myself. But I need to restrict my diet, you know.

I love myself. But I am too old for that.

I believe in God. (The universe, Gaia, Buda…). But that is impossible.

I believe in God (…). That is what it is.

Maybe you can share some of your ego pranks with yourself, I would love to know.

But that was some contradiction that I figure out in my life, I know most of each can work differently in others life. But I am here just saying to exam yourself, your ego and try understanding where you put limits in yourself and in your God. Maybe see things differently as I did can help you.

When I learn to love the other and understand our value it helped.

When I learn that if I am part of God, its resembling, if there are a bit of It in me, when I doubt me, I doubt It.

When I understood a miracle is not a reaction of a action but of a belief, everything changed. (Still changing…)

I hope this text make you see you and the world differently and make you wonder what you are afraid of if you change your beliefs.

I send you much love today.

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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