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I wake up sick, but I am not anymore.

We this corona virus I might say people are going crazy. We are in proper summer around here, beside the mosquito’s virus that may have this time of the year, nothing more around the “get some flow” or something similar around. But, guess what?

After media talks about the virus, everybody got sick. Let me give an example. In a sales department in 2019 we have 10 people at home because they are sick during the whole year. Well, January of 2020 beat 2019. Coincidence? I really don’t believe in it, but… Ok!

This morning I wake up well, then I was feeling a bit of, so I went to my spiritual knowledge about diseases.

All master I read till now says any disease are some disbalance in your body, even a virus. Some people can treat sick people or be in the same environment and have nothing. This make sense when I think about it. If I am more aware, I can move my attention to health things, affirmations, feelings and food. So, I did that. I do it every time I see stress taking my health by the collar.

Well, as I said I do this every time I feel a bit of, I do research about health and spiritual practices a few years now. I feel very odd when I read someone with so much knowledge of being present, connected, conscious say things like “human re making the word sick”; Earth is sick; We are destroying the planet. I am not talking about the thought of people like Madre Teresa when she says that “I don’t participate in a anti-war demonstration… but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there”. I am talking about this weird gut feeling that this is so wrong. You can study very little of history to know we improve, (a lot to improve, don’t get me wrong), but you know. Make people read and listen that the world is sick instead how to improve it, it is very contra-productive. But it is most of the news I saw, books I read. In some part of me I question myself, we are sicking the planet, or we want to do it so we can be dramatic?

I know this text can sound very boring and “I want to see a funny dog, not read this now”. (Me too, share we me the funny dog). But I was thinking, is it just me?

I already had this hot conversation with a person that without more argument about the world being sick said I lived in a dream world. Do you? Are you the person that sit on couch, watch new, go on: “OMG, do you see that and this?” Wake up in the next day and do the same. Or you try a bit everyday to help out? I was reading today ways to manifest thigs. One tip was GIVE. And you can give taking trash in your path, you give the world and nature this little help. You can eat more local. Less meat, because the meat industry has more pollutant. I AM NOT TRYING TO BE BORING, I PROMISSE.

I am the person that people always come to say: “Hey, you didn’t eat meat, but you have nice ideas. I don’t feel judged”.(Because let’s be real, we all are learning here and some of those “do this and do that” people seems to be born perfect. I know is hard because I am really trying daily, so I get you. And I know I won’t give up because I try a bit everyday instead of put a cape of super-hero and try be perfect.

Let’s pretend you still reading (lol – I hope I didn’t write very boring about it). You have a kid, or you want to. You want the better world to it, that is beautiful. So, you have a nice friend like me, (that don’t want to have kid but expect to give better world to the next generation anyway. I know, I am cute). And you think, she is in this self-improvement path, she can help me. I will say: Hi friend. Look it is hard, but first never guilt yourself for nothing, we are here to live and experience, if we get better. Great! Now, you can look this small list and see what you already do and what you can do, but please. After you master the list, don’t judge other people that didn’t have a friend like me to say, “that’s ok, you can do it again”.

  • Take a smaller bath in the daily bases, but you can have a bigger one to relax sometimes.
  • Enjoy small things. Sounds, sunset, rain, a coffee, a tea… If you learn that you won’t feel the eager to buy thing, if you feel less necessity for the new things you have less trash. (win-win situation).
  • Travel, learn new ways to live and apply what make life easier and simpler. (I learned about minimalism when I lived abroad, now it is a fever)
  • Be a slow and light traveller. I love to travel, but travel with less and take more time in places is better than be in a place just to say you visit it and take the house every time you go. (Unless you live my dream of living traveling and has just what you travel with).
  • Separate the trash. Even if your town don’t have a proper system of recycling, you can find companies and they take for you, some people walk work with it and look roud for recycles stuff (maybe this is a underdeveloped country tip, I don’t really know, can you reader help?) you can make a company of it too. Who knows?
  • No plastic. Cut 1/3 of it at home. Every month cut 1/3, convince the rest of the house it is the harder bit, I promise you. (By the way using glass and recycle metal and wood you house will look fancier).
  • Please, stop smoking. Make a day less in your week, than 2… You will be a better person and have more opportunities. I know two people that didn’t grown in their carrier because of it. Try it, I believe you can do it.
  • Eat less meat and more local. If your food travel less and you have more things that didn’t come in bags you will be healthier, what makes health system less crowded, and you will generate less pollution and trash.
  • You can plant something you eat even in your apartment. I plant chills, they are pretty and good.
  • Just do it, don’t think about do it. Start now, that is ok if you forget in the beginning, if you lose your mind and lose the sunset time. You don’t need to be perfect, you already are perfect to read and be open to it.

About me sick, I got better because I remember I am perfect. I am health. I am a calm person and stressed situation won’t get my immunity, and I’m conscious that my body can end me signs and I will give what it wants. I felt better and now I am better.

Thank you if you read this blog,

Em Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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