Nothing! | Meditation and Relax are more important than hard work


Let’s talk about nothing.

All my life I had straight direction of what to do, when to do it and how to do it. It was on High School that I thought about it. Everyone was trying to decide what should I do, so I asked myself. And then, I studied that subject and what? Well, variables are bigger for what to study on college, but even bigger for where to work. What to do as a worker. So many things start to be in your head. Can I do this job? Where is my limit?…

After I have my poor limits well defined, I pray for any job. At least I could provide myself and my family.

I honestly think most people go through it, even though part of them may believe they are alone on it.

I am part of those “Go go go” people, without think about what it could create in me, in my life. I am the person that study how to sleep less so I can work in my 9×5 job and do some stuff for myself, stuff that should be my priority. That consume me in all levels. “Do more!” was the main phrase in my mind. So, I went back to my faith, to my spiritual life, to myself. I remembered and I leave my fear out of me, for a change. The only thing I can do now is trust and rest.

I didn’t feel relieve at first, but I thought, can I? Can I do nothing? Enjoy my morning, work in a peaceful rhythm, enjoy my evening. Enjoy myself and life.

As you my noticed I talk about something I have learned and then I focus on you.

Therefor: Can you rest?

Can you really stop?

Can meditation become a relaxing moment again and not a daily duty anymore?

Can you lay down and stay, quiet, feeling the environment?

I couldn’t for a long time. The “Go go go” take of my faith, my health, my sanity sometimes. It may sound dramatic, but when was the last time you were 100% in a relaxed moment? Even have fun can be a task for a “Go go go” person. It is Friday and you think “I must have fun, drink today to relax from my job”. I have to or I must, never is fun.

I wonder about all that last weekend to find out that I can feel on vacation even working, if I understand that I must nothing and I am enjoying my free time. Because I CAN! We can!

You may be asking, like I already did: And my plans? My dreams? Who will wok on them?

Do you still have faith? I ask you. Do you really? Can you be sure of the miracle? I f you can, you can rest. Because you will know that be alive to be the slave of “I must…” it is not worth it. You won’t be able to generate creativity and valuable ideas if you tired. I will keep getting up early and doing what I love until I have to work on my normal job, and then I will do what I love again. Be it write, record, lay down with my family, look the sky. Because if I restrict myself to be, I no longer deserve live!

My biggest fear was to work all my life to have some limited fun in the end of it. So I choose be!

Here and now!

Thank you for read,

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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