How to move on after feeling stuck? Stop feeling stuck doing this

Hi. Are you ready for today?

This last weekend I was in a small vacation on my parents’ house. Next to the beach, nice food, just relaxing, nothing to deal with… That was me in this weekend.

So I wake up early, I sit on the balcony and meditate without worry about when I need to stop. It was amazing. The day went smoothly. Walk on the beach, city centre, eat nice food. Just good and great experience along the day.

Next day I sit to meditate in the morning, but a dream took me at night and put me in a wonder about my life position. I start to meditate, and, in some point, I knew something I didn’t realize till now. “I settle for less”. What? I open my eyes and asked myself where that came from. Well, all memories that proved it start to run in my head.

The ok carrier that would put me in a nice stable ok kind of money. The houses, I always thought about living in a humbler house when my parents were moving for a better one. “OMG, they are spending a lot. Why they don’t save some?” Save is not wrong, I love to save money. Some collect fridge magnet or old coins, I like to collect money. I used to see problem on it. I used to ask myself if I was a petty person, but I figure out I was not. I just like to save, sometimes I would spend a lot with travel, but I like to save too. And that’s ok for me now. Going back to the settle for less. Even though I am ok with the saving preference I needed to learn to be open to greater thing when they happen or was able for me. Sometimes fear can put us in this limited mind where we don’t acknowledge the good growth. So, I am a person that settle for less and I don’t want to be.

So, I questioned myself all day long how this happened, how could I change and receive the bigger and better new always.

The day went on great moments and moments that I felt bad about myself. How was I, the person that receive everything I asked for life before my 30s, able to accept “settle”?

Well, I lost faith.

How? Following the fear of others. My complete fault.

Ask yourself, if you ask yourself how something didn’t happen yet or you didn’t reach a “easy” goal yet, where did you lost yourself? But don’t you stop here. Be in the problem and flaws won’t help, as we already know. But understand where you can improve.

First: Do you believe in God? In the Universe? In your Higher self?

Second: Think about the last time you did something you don’t believe, or you don’t like it. How the hardness of “need to” finish something you doing impact you? (Here the traditional classes still are the only on that worth doing. I won’t go in the detail but anxiety and panic attack happened by that time. I finished, but I would love be able to study what I really wanted. Passed water, but I need to fix what were broken).

Third: What can you affirm now that can change this belief? Repeat until you believe!

Forth: Understand that the time in this situation was not time lost, you learn, you did it. You can grow and move on, even if you want to start again. You can do it!

After think about those points I receive a insight. I always move to the thing I asked for when I was previously living present and enjoying now! Before I listen about The Power of Now, (I recommend this book), I did this when I feel my faith and I knew I could relax because what I asked for was already reality).

I will give an example, not pretty but very real. I few years ago my younger cousin got meningitis, his case was a bad one. It was a Sunday morning. I couldn’t go to mass because I cried a lot. My mind was all about what could I do. I knew my faith could do anything, but I need to be 100% focus on health to ask for his life. I went to the church a Monday morning and I asked for his life. I was on my knees praying when I felt it was done, I could go home and enjoy life. Everyday my family send not so good new, but it never affected me. I knew it would pass. As a miracle, as the doctor said, he is health with no disease sequel, what was “impossible” in his case. I had no doubt about his recover. This is the power of now, after a request made with faith. (Faith for me is the point where you are sure of, is bigger than believe).

This is the point I want to be every time I ask for something.

I think, this is the point of certainty we must achieve to live now and don’t wonder about after or if we worth it, or if will happen…

I really hope this text help you,

Love from EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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