The Power Of Variety. The Only Truth of the Spiritual Path


I read an Instagram post of Vishen Lakhiani, creator of Mindvaley and writer of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. Where he talks about all the knowledge, and people we come across during our lives that teach us bout growth. Grow in the spiritual life, as human, in material matter, achieve goal… All those people with great pack of information and life experiences helps the worlds look to itself and ask How and What can we improve?

Well, but it wasn’t it that catch my attention in his Instagram post, but the fact that after years listen those people, loving their presence in the classes and as a person that helps others in those matters himself, he understood that none of the speeches and books could really be applied for most of people.

A long time ago I realised that the cake can be bake in so many ways with so many recipes. There are NO REAL, UNIQUE path or formula.

In Taoism I’ve learned that you learn with a master, as Jesus, as Buda, to be master of one selves. Every master must teach how you disciple become your own master. You must figure out for yourself. Find someone that can teach you meet your Higher Self. It will tech you your path.

“But this is crazy, and make me afraid, I have no directions”. I felt like you too. In the last text “Nothing” I wrote a little bit about it.  Crazy and amazing are quite similar to me now a days. Impossible are an opinion and God are the energy that is everything. All the possibilities.   

Come back here and let your mind a bit alone please. I will take you in a small story:

4 years ago, I was coming back to my country after travel through 20 countries and do all amazing things I asked for. After a year of emptiness, I thought, “Well little girl, die it is not an option, if you still live there are more for you”. So, I ask for knowing what my purpose was. The reason I was born. The path I should walk, the lead I should take, the action to honor God. More and more books, teachers and masters cross my life. I have learned a lot and I am very grateful for that. But the answer was obscure for me.

In many ways the answer to the question “What is my purpose?” come as “Nothing and everything”. Meaning that I could do everything or nothing. Write is what I love to do, not necessarily my purpose. In the middle of that I’ve learned that the main reason to be alive was to experience life. Simple like that. Make sense, most of time we listen that the way is more important than the final point. The only problem with that we always think that the way is the boring bit and the final point is the golden medal for our joy be fulfilled.

So, I started to believe that I had no path, I could do whatever. And people should do the same. But I had the other side of this question being answered as a truth too.

My husband always loved to cook, and when he wanted to know with signs that it was his path, a clear yes came. I was like “Are you kidding me God?”.

In one of our conversations we realized since he was a kid, he had no idea what to do, his first contact with sweets, he knew his passion. Of course, he still wonders about how to do it, what specific area, what to study, if he should study in a formal college or open a space and study alone… All that. But the answer was clear.

So I understood that time what Vishen learned these days, and I think it is amazing how we can be learning “the same” and be in a complete different point of it.

In this path of growth we will came across so many contradictions that your ego can become crazy, understanding that you must not judge(others or yourself), just love and experience your truth.

Other people will help you, the real master will teach you that you are powerful as them are and they will teach you how to see and live through this.

Be open to the new and to have more questions them answer, but besides  it, still be grounded and in peace.

You are not alone, in this path of no certainty, no truth and acceptance of all it is!

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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