What is Faith? This makes you manifest easily

Yesterday I was giving a speech of a polemical topic. As you can read here, I am quite easy and light on my words, sometimes simple things can pique my interest. I look for my normal, simple, but amazing life to learn, remembering that all of us have different experiences and truths. (And I am a Brazilian writing in English in my spear time, so probably I commit some grammatical mistakes, sorry for that).

The subject was faith. Of course, I wouldn’t go in the matter of how to have faith or what religion faith is better or something like that. But, What is it?

I didn’t know what it was until my 14 years old. I thought I knew because I study the bible on church since a young age. (Yes, younger than 14 years old).

So, I said: “What is faith? Someone have the courage to be wrong, no? No one?” We had some laugh about it, it was a higher-minded group there.

“Ok, I want the wrong answer to be the right one so we can continue.” More laugh, and a person stand up a bit shy.

“For me is believe in something”

“A simple and beautiful wrong answer, I loved it, thank you”. I felt very grateful for the woman, later we talked.

Faith is the most powerful thing you can have, gratitude is a grain of saint in comparation with the ocean force of faith, but it can’t work if we don’t know what it is. But, thank God we can communicate easily nowadays, so we can take the wonder for other person to accelerate our growth with some questions we already didn’t ask. Like this one.

For me obvious is the thing you think you know, but and you truly learn, can change your life. Or the way you see it, that it is the same thing.

Stop the mystery, I know, I know.

But I have one more question. I pointed for another person and I asked, say something you believe.

“I believe the sky is blue” “I disagreed. We perceive it as blue, but… this doesn’t matter now” More laughs. The energy was light.

When you believe you have room for unbelieve, but if you have sure? When you are sure of something, you let go of all doubt, there is just it as reality. That is faith, know something as real even when you can’t see it, or touch it. It doesn’t matter, you know it.

When someone says: Have faith. Understand as Be Sure of it! Not, “Ow Margereth, have faith darling, maybe he still thinks about you”. Maybe and sure won’t work together. If you don’t feel sure, let go for a while.

I believe… (some people laugh) … Yes I am not sure of it. That destine and will can coexist, because sometimes you want something, but the other parts of your life can’t work with it, in the end won’t be good for you, your soul works with your Universe as destiny. When you are in peace and you can feel your truth, you real desire, you take the control back. But I am not sure of it, it is just what I had as experiences until now. Mainly when you are in love, that human, material, silly and delicious love. You can become a bit detached of your intuition because you want to be, so put on automatic pilot, relax and let so time go, or your mind go for a time.

I would like, have to, stop here and I will continuo tomorrow this subject. But I hope this make you understand a bit more that for change your reality, you must know it is different, so Have Faith!


Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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