Losing Resistance to Manifest Tecniche – Law of Attraction


I didn’t know what I would write today, so I left my job for a walk after on my lunch time. Not for that, actually, but because I was feeling annoyed in some way. For some reason, a few things that was making me mad started spiral on my head.
We all know what we hate in our lived and what we love. Some people goes on life putting unconsciously all attention on negative things, but if you are working on be conscious of your feelings and thoughts you know each thing and you are most of time being grateful for what you like. You give attention for what you love, more of what you love you receive. We know that and we work with that. But, before go for a walk a phrase come to my head. “separate wheat from chaff”. Sort the valuable from the worthless. I wasn’t talking about anything similar to remember it. Then, I went for this walk. I normally walk to free myself for excess of energy, be it because I was working sited, or because I was feeling angry or full of love.
When I left the company I started say in my head with my month tightly everything that make me angry. Many of them, for my surprise, were confuse. I knew but I couldn’t put in words. So I took the time to know and feel whatever I was feeling:
I hate to provide for my family alone.
I hate to feel limited by other.
I hate to do not travel whenever I want.
I hate don’t see a sign or the opportunity for me move towards my dreams.

When I stopped I had tears in my eyes, and I was about to say sorry for God when the Wise Voice said: “No, that’s ok. You aren’t wrong for acknowledge it” I keep walking, I sit under a big tree there is in my path. “Now, say what are you grateful for”
I started to say it so fast that it doesn’t feel like me saying, or trying to remember something to say.
I am grateful for have support and love.
I am grateful for my house.
I am grateful for be loved.
I am grateful for the travels I know I will do.
I am grateful for the travels I did and taught me what I love.
I am grateful for my inspirations and creativity.
I am grateful for know You already listened me, even though I can’t see the opportunity or a small sign.
I felt the urge to cry again, but I was at peace.
“This is a great exercise” came to my mind.
I know that we should focus in what we have, in what we love. But you must find your truth. I found out that I must acknowledge the ugly to feel the honor of the beautiful. I let myself be, so I could listen My Own Master. The Higher Master inside myself.
For a long time I learned about love the resistance, so things can flow easier to and from our lives. But, I didn’t know how not resist, so I resist about resistance.
About 2 months ago I understood I should do what I want to do, even when it felt contradictory with, I’ve learned. Feel good it is the only way to lose resistance, at least the only one I’ve learned.
I hope it helps who are feeling stuck, thinking about get of a situations, job, relationship…

EmMa Lopes

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