How to listen you inner voice, your Higher self voice? Grow your intuition

Hello, let’s share a bit more. (Tell me about you)

After years studying about mind, spiritual growth and how to live a better life a light of knowledge came to me.
I was asking me about, once more. “But where all these philosophy and beliefs come from?” Well, one of the probable explanations arrived in my life. Alchemy!

In my curiosity I read about what witch were, what religions said, how magic surged. But I never thought about alchemy. That bright light made me excited. So ancient knowledge made my heart warm once more.

So, I am reading and learning, the history is enchanting, the people that used this are rare figures in all areas. From the psychic Nostradamus and Mr Isaac Newton, to other professors and master I read about and felt ecstatic. I didn’t know where it would go (here between us, I still don’t) but I had this good, great, amazing feeling about it.

The main thing was to keep learning and making all those previous learning become clear. The awakening process has more structure now. The how and why become connected with what happened with me.

As I already said, I am a bit sceptical, so astrology and numerology were kind of “not for me, thanks” subject. But understand where it came from as a serious idea and study for a more modern human are incredible.
“So, this post is to talk about alchemy?” No, but yes.

The path will be different for all of us, understand that matter, all of it, has impact on you and you on it, all of it, can be very fanciful in the beginning. This pure knowledge can make you understand how things are happening in your life, until you understand that they are happening for you in your life. The life itself, the bigger, higher one creating and changing and moving all to be what you are. When you ask for learning the “magic” of all, you open the way, how it will arise in your life can be surprising. Maybe what you are most judgmental off will come later, or just in the beginning. It can make you feel easy or confuse so you will want more knowledge. Time on school, work, wherever you need to pretend be interested of will bring resistance. But it will be time to be present, to practice be wherever you are. (And, of course, can be different for you). Meditate can be addictive, you can wait to have more. When you sit to go within you ask yourself if something is happening, when you come back you can feel you were far away, the next day you want to stay more and more there. This cocreation universe you can scape and be and do whatever you desire. Resistance feelings like frustration can make you give up; ego can try come back. But in a point, you will know: “There are no coming back from here”.

This is what I’ve learned with alchemy.

●Call you Higher self, you Spirit, consciously is important to connect, at first.
●Ask to understand the signs are important to connect the information.
●Allow the help of It, (or Them), is important to connect in a deeper level.

When you able yourself to do it, and let the information come you listen you inner voice.

Any sign come because you searching for, searching manifest searching, be and you manifest anything you put your intention on. Be the knowledge. Know it! “I am connected with All, thank you for the answer”. Then Booom, the answer come when you are not expecting.

Now a days I use part of my meditation to talk with my higher self, I present my question or wonder as clear as I can. Easy feeling, I did right, resistance feeling, I can improve it.

In this process of allowing the voice came. It can be easy to don’t listen or think it is your mind. In my case, the voice is different from my own. It is male, direct and firm. As you give space to this help, easier get to listen and identify it.

I hope this helps you.

Em Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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