From Control freak to Control free. How to Let Go and manifest

Let’s talk about control ‘freakers’.

On the subject of the title I am the one searching “what is Letting go?” “How to do it?” “Can I eat it?” (I am kidding about the eating part, you know…)

I have no idea what I thought about it before try to do it or learn this part of the process. Yes I lived abroad twice, I travelled 20 countries, I wrote books (The Higher Priestess – soon on Amazon and Um Chá e Um Café, still no translation). I did a lot with partial conscious of what I was doing. When I asked for something and took a bit more and I was in a hard situation to bare, I got crazy and I listen about this.

So, to free myself of everything I studied and try to hold on every information, like I could control the no control part of manifesting. (Anyone can relate?).

After what I would count a year, I understood it. I am not saying a year past and “Oh! Was it?”. It was day after day of: I will be present, how am I going? Why still not here? Anxiety attack! And I stay here a month more, o God, please no! Ok, once more, I am feeling good. Fuck, this again, I can’t deal with this, where are my dreams? Please, help me manifest them. …a year of these and… Ok, that feeling of:
I was out of the exam building for university, everyone looks stressed. I was in a coffee store until the last minute, in the exam I took an hour of sleep, then I started as I was studying at home. I went home. I had a dream few days later where I pass the test, I wake up and thought “Nice”. During this time, I was tranquil, having fun with friends and family, learning languages and reading because I love to do those things.

This is Letting Go!

Let’s be practical:

  1. Think about 3 times you manifested something. Write them down.
  2. Write how did you manifest each thing, the whole process. (I meditate, I ask, I went to church, and I ask again. Then I was to busy working with… or studying… and it happened)
  3. Realize that in some part next to the manifestation occur you had a empty space where you where detached of the process and the thinking about the dream.(learning with your experience is the best way)

It is weird for me to say it because I do like the process of visualization and asking, but you are ALL THE TIME with your Higher Self, God, Angels. They know what you want. You can address it to be more right about it. When I put in words and I write it down I feel surer of the exact thing I want to. But they already know it. They are working with you, you can live, act where they ask you to act, like “do the exam, buy the ticket…” and have fun.

Don’t give attention to your dream is not give up of them. It is give space to them grow and manifest. It is hard, I know. I was like a robot doing wherever to don’t think about, or think but be positive, or try don’t resist … Just forget all the rules.

I know, if you are like me, a control freak (Scorpio) you will try control what is free, you will try find rules where there are no rules. I think it is amazing how I can be so disciplined and so rule breaker at the same time.
I am the organization Queen the love laughs in the danger face. (I may or may not confess).
(I am not talking about civil rules, but you know, the social ones)

I never did it to hurt somebody else, but enough to feel free. Like scape at night to go out with friends and them come back in the morning. (And that’s why I don’t have kids)

With all this confession I say: Feel free being free and let things happen. Don’t try “make It happen”! And be a bit wild, but in a control safe way!

I hope this post helps you

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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