How to really let go? Understand the letting go to trust it

The easier way to let go is learning what it does and how it does manifest what you want.

You know those stories of a person that ask for something, keep asking but do nothing about it? Like the man that asked to win the lottery, but never bought the ticket, or the man in a broke boat lost in the sea saying to boats that come to help that God would save him and send the help away.

There are two things to consider when you want to materialize something after you ask for help.

  1. Open the opportunity. (Buy the ticket, see help as God’s hand, start the Blogg you had idea, so the part you love).
  2. Forget what you want. If you bought the ticket, be happy about it and keep going with your life. Start the Blogg and keep writing because you like it.

As an ex-controller person, I know that it is quite hard don’t think about you can do more. I ask myself all the time what can I do more? Am I doing enough? … It is not the first time this happen. Before I travel 20 countries and lived abroad, I couldn’t see how much I was doing. When I stop and make a list of things, I am doing I could let go and enjoy my present moment. So, things started move forward and I manifested what I wanted.

Here are two more things to this process:

  1. Write down everything you put effort in your life. (Work, read, take pictures and post, made a profile on Linkedin… Write everything).
  2. Know where you can act and stop searching. (Buy a ticket. Buy it and let go, don’t try make weird manifestations magic all the time. Maybe an idea will come, work on it and forget it…)

This small action can help you understand where you are sending your energy and probably you are doing more than enough.

A long time ago, my mother was teasing on me because I didn’t like to go out. She said I should go out more, or I never would find a boyfriend, he wouldn’t appear magically in my dor. Well, I love when people challenge me. (I am kind of Barney of How I met you Mother). Less then I month later I meet a person in front of my house, it was a fun date for a while. Enough to prove me and her that I didn’t need to search for something but let the thing come to me was enough. It was really funny, I must confess.

I would like to challenge you (and myself) to make something big happen doing nothing. Can you believe in your power, in the power of God (Universe, Higher Spirit… )?

Once, I had this insight about manifesting like TAO idea, I would say.

Everything is continuously moving, planets, stars, dust… the Universe doesn’t stop. If you keep moving think you can work to it (remember here, there is difference on forced working for something and work on an opportunity) you will keep moving away from what you want. If you want to find a friend in a party, you need have someone in a specific place or you will be lost everyone instead finding the lost one. Every time I go out where will be a crowd, I find a place where there is a hight point that everybody can find, like a sign, a tower, a store… If we lose someone, this person must go to the point and wait for the group. So, this is the image I had. Wait, The Universe are coming to you. If you keep moving It will never catch you up.

I hope this can help you trust more that you are supported, and your actions are more than enough. If you are working in an idea and you feel good about it, keep going. Enjoy your present, have fun with now. Be a present guest in your life, living it, observing it, having fun with it.

Thank you for being here,

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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