Prediction or manifestation? How can I know what I am manifesting or if I am predicting?


This subject was pretty obscure for me, because it was like look to a fine line of life. And I am not talking about predict others future. But my own.

Today I wake up, I had the best morning, then in the way to my job I started to think about specific thing I am asked to do, and I hate it. The thought of it came to me and I feel like I couldn’t deviate it. I pray to this be forgotten since it is not a mandatory process in our company anymore, but this morning I’ve been asked to do it again. The stress started to appear between my attentive to control me and my breathing. After a quick meditation I feel better again, but I questioned myself once more. I predicted it or I manifested it?

I meditate with tarot, I believe that messages can come to us in many forms, there are no coincidences that aren’t for you achieve or realise something in your life. So, when we remember to be Christians, or live as Buddha, in other words, when you live out of your ego in love and presence you can open yourself for messages. Feelings, voice, visions, music, signs, numbers, dreams, other people conversations, books…

Anything and everything can become an object to deliver a message. I receive answers in many many ways.
I can give and example, I am in a position of feeling the wind changing things, but few months ago I felt stuck. I couldn’t understand why I was living that, out of my purpose, (as I thought). This weekend I took the first book I saw at home, it was a book a read many years ago, I don’t remember a thing about it. But it talks about feeling stuck, lost in a situation you have no idea why you are living.

A difficult moment where you think you was thrown into with no reason. (The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho).
But when we receive a indication of a future situation and when we manifest it? Are both the same thing?
I believe a psychic (or a person connected with intuition) can read your energy, maybe give you some advices about what you fear and you manifesting because you give energy and what you love and you give energy and you are manifesting.

Those messages can help or destroy a person that can understand that time is a human creation, if not you only can act in the presence, and you energy can be read now, not in the future not in the past. So, you can change in a second the result of the reading.

So, predictions are realization of what you can manifest in the moment if you don’t put energy in something different. Learning how to improve a situation in your benefit can be easy as think about it before sleep, seeing it as you wish.

But with no action, simple as visualization. You may be faded to the what you saw. ( I hope it is good, always)

And you. How you feel about this?

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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