How to find your purpose. How to live your best version in 5 steps


I strongly believe we can find our path in many ways. I am not talking about carrier, or dream, or desire here. I am talking about the most honoured and important path for a human being. Be human.

Feel and act with the full capacity and understand that we are here, first of all, to live as human. Deny the biggest purpose would be deny life itself. But live it as we suppose to live, each one respecting your own path, it is hard.

For me, not act is the biggest challenge. Accept the present moment and enjoy it are my great mountains. I born in a family that enjoy life easily, not afraid of judgement, not afraid of the next day, or the illusional future. I always thought I was the responsible one in the middle of a crazy family, the hero, the special one.

As I already mentioned here, I manifested all my dream before 27 years old. After that I asked God to teach me my path, my purpose. Two years went by until I understand this. Be! This is my purpose and the purpose of everybody else.

When I saw all people around me as special, as unique but the same, as God is everything and nothing. Then, I understood my family members were teaching me all life. (As I teach them, not be boring and control freak, but conscious of life). Enjoy your Body, Soul and Spirit without conscious can create addictions, bad actions, victims. But when you consciously Be, you can act, feel and transcend in a dive way, all day every day.

Of course, I still have days of confusion and continues thoughts. But when you choose to walk your path, there are no going back. What you learn now is part of you.

Let’s talk how I learn in the practical way.

First, I understood that repeat I have it all, but I don’t feel happy won’t help me, so I asked for learn. You can pray for What you believe to be taught. If you don’t know, never thought about it, wait. Just let your inner self say if it is the time. (If you’re reading this, probably it is time).

Secondly, be present. Practice meditation to be present, mindfulness meditations, walking meditations. Meditate every time you remember it. The Eckhart Tolle book The Power of Now can teach you some practices, simple as pay attention on your body when you are walking, or in the sensations during a shower.

Thirdly, receive. Books will arrive, videos, speeches too. Accept even if you don’t understand them all. If you need to go back in some of those, do it. Every time you listen, see or read something the learning can be different.

Then, lose your ego. In the point you accept other religions and practices that you fear before, or you judge as bad, is the point where you lose your ego. In this point you may understand the unicity of God (Universe, Energy…), there are no good and bad, but situations. You can read Paulo Coelho’s book The Fifth Mountain to learn more about it.

Finally, don’t study just with others. And don’t study all the time. Most of what you will learn is with yourself. Meditation, be present, allow knowledge come, say it: I allow my angel, God, Saints, (what ever you may feel like), teach me how to be better, how to live my purpose… And, enjoy life. You are human, go for a walk, stay in bed because the comfort, appreciate the food.

I hope this post helps you.
EmMa Lopes  

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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