5 practices to make money flow to you

I never had problem with money. I was a child of two teenagers, I had difficult time, but the person I am never saw money as a problem or something hard to achieve. I didn’t have enough until I want something, them mysteriously I receive what I asked for, if it needs money to be manifested, I received it. So, I grew up. In the middle of this natural process I worked hard, but money came. When I decided that I wanted to relax, travel, backpack through the world, money came stronger and I could do everything I wanted.

This flow is growing it day. (Thanks God!)

But as I was learning about manifestation, I learned new techniques, I improved myself on how to let money flow on my life.

I can give 5 tips that you can introduce in you day.

Try to add each one during a week, then you go to the next one. (They are pretty easy and most may sound obvious, but this post can remember you this and help you organize a way to practice it)

  1.  Be grateful for what you receive

Be grateful for what come in. Every time you receive your salary or find a coin in the street, have some discount, say “Thank you for this money coming into my life”. You can fin the best quote for you. Maybe “Thank you because money always flow to me”. If you are not able to feel grateful for each spend it, as soon as you can. My father once sells a car, an old car. The person took about four years to pay him, he was so furious that he would prefer to forget it than ask for the money once more. Four years later he received the money. He still didn’t feel good about it, so he has a vacation with it and spend it in a week. At list he felt good after all, better them if he kept the money that would remind him so many bad moments.  (Do it for a week)

  • Be grateful for the money out
    This is a bit hard for me to remember. I remember frequently to complain about the price of things, even though I can afford, but I am writing this post because I remember once more how it is important, and that I had great results in the past. The flow must continuo, be grateful when you can afford something helps this go and come movement. So, when you get next to the pay moment in a store or supermarket, even online. Think how thankful you are for your new objects or food. Then, say something in your mind, or outload if you like: “Where this go, more come back in flow”. As I give, more shall I receive”. You can say (in both cases) “Thank you money”. (Do this for a week, try not think about what to buy and the prices. Be objective, I want it, I accept the price, or I don’t accept this price so I will have this other thing… And when you pay, be thankful. You can say thank you for the cashier, she is helping you and your money probably are helping it too).
  • Ask why you want it?
    Most of time we want money for the money, but it flows easier when you know what you really want, and why. For example, few years ago I manifest the year abroad and the travels. (As I always talk about because it was one of my biggest manifestations). I was being very honest about my desires. So, when I asked What I want? – The answer was easy. To travel! Then, I asked: Why am I not doing it? Because I need money to do it. As I stumble in this object to make my desire come true, I put my manifestation in my faith object. God! I asked It, I visualized the travel part. I didn’t care about the money; I am sure It is bigger than any amount of money. Few months later I received the opportunity with more money that I expected. (Every time you think about money, or wanting it ask yourself and write it down: “Why are you need it?” “What for?” “How would be life with this amount of money?” If there is fear, “Why do you fear this?” “Are this fear real, or social conditioning?”

  • Practice the Boyfriend/Girlfriend technique
    My biggest desire as teenager was to have a boyfriend. One day I read a chip book about how to attract man. It was a good book, not because the content I must confess, but it makes me think. Well, it is too much work. Guess what, I will love myself for two years, I think I deserve more. I didn’t touch a person for two years, after that I was so in love with myself that anybody seams to good to me. So, I enjoyed me, my friends and my family most of time. Man started to be attracted to me as I never imagined. After a few learnings, I found a person that write me poetry, and yes, I love it. Make money want you. Feel complete, feel perfect, feel as you have it all because you understand that it is different need something than want something. You can desire a person but live without it just good. You can desire a new house, but live without it where you are with joy, appreciating every corner of your rented house. I lived in a small apartment for bit more than a year, I received everything I needed, but it was a simple time of a college student. Beside my spiritual path, it was a great way to look for life in a simpler way. (Do this for a week, with the two practices before too. Try to feel free of worry and need. Feel free!)

  • Feel rich
    I love to put fancy names in things to feel in the lightest way rich. For example, when I movie to my new apartment I started to call it my Luxury Apartment. My normal bed I call King, King is so comfortable. In Brazil we have a Meme with a woman screaming “I am rich” I use it for jokes constantly. Have an easier approach on money make all the difference for me. If it was a serious boring thing, nobody would want it. But if you can be friends with it, it can love you and come to you easily. (Enjoy the feeling buying something for you this week, in the other days, appreciate everything you have. I had this old refrigerator with Mary adhesive on it. It cost me about 20 dollars, give more trouble and work than I could imagine a refrigerator could. But I loved it, I give it a name and I even said I love it to it sometimes. Than I received a huge new one as a gift.)

I hope it inspires you to look differently for money.
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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