Cup of Water tecnique | I got the Job

How I manifested the job and salary I wanted. All the steps.

A while ago, I did the technique using two cups of water. I will talk about it in a second, but I want to talk about the result first.

I was trying finding a proper job in the area I studied even though my heart was not on it. I am one more of those that was taught to go to school, then college, and then get a job. The technical manual of life was simpler than an instruction to put a chair together on IKEA. And I did it. I struggle to get the job; I didn’t like the process to get a job…

It was a November afternoon in the flat I lived in my last year of college when I did this practice. After doing it for one of my first videos on Youtube I forget it. I decided to stop the search because it was December and I want to enjoy my family after 5 years studying compulsively, not going to birthdays, parties, going out with friends, living life. So December was time to go home, enjoy Christmas and work just enough to pay the bills. (I was in my internship by this time). So I wake up early, I write, I exercise, I went to my internship, I walk home to enjoy nature (about 2 km) than I eat in my small balcony to feel life a bit more. Weekends I date, I make movie time at home, I go for walks with my dog and I dance as I want at home. I could feel free that month. After a beautiful beginning, my mother asked for my curriculum, I send it to her. She was studying nutrition and one of her friends worked for AB- Inbev in my mother city. (Ironic enough my mother’s friends study nutrition and worked in a beverage and beer company, not that they have any nutritionist there, she was working to pay the bills). They needed a person on the financial area, as my study was most on it, I was a strong candidate. However, it was my time to relax, so I did not care much. I went there 3 times for the process, get the job and 23th of December, they gave me the news. 2019 I would start in this job. 24th of December, I remembered the video and I publish it showing that I got the job I asked for in the cup practice. The video is the most seeing in the channel, and why am I talking about it again?

I ask the Universe in other way to get out of there. And, what I want to share here is an important thing I’ve learned. Know, deep in your heart and soul what you want. If you don’t know, do the practice to know what you want instead of ask something you think can be good. Knowing what you want it is the first step to the wind blow to this direction. Don1t go for what you think it is easier to happen, go for what you want.

So, after write down 1000 times what you want, when the thing is clear as water you can do this:

  1. Separete 2 glasses, the fancier the better in my opinion. Because it is a important moment. Take 2 post it. A pen. A bottle of water. Recorded it or, after you finished, write down how you feel and what you received in some place you won’t find every day.
  2. Be in silence or put some calm music. Meditate a bit putting intention to be with your Higher Self.
  3. Take the bottle and pray to this water be earth as it came, fluid as its nature, fiery as Divine energy and free as the wind to move towards your goal. Bless the water as the Divine energy you are.
  4. Write in one paper your present moment, stick on the glass. (Have the words clear and objective before start it, like “I work 40h in this job and I receive that much” or “I am single and I feel that I feel empty sometimes”)
  5. Be as present as you can, but don’t resist to the process, let things happen. Put the water in this first glass listen the sounds, feeling the temperature, looking the motion of the water.
  6. Take this first glass, breath and make your mind empty. Then, see your present moment, don’t judge it as bad, just be objectively.
  7. Present now, as this moment is the moment of shifting the present you thought, write what you want, feel your hand with the pen, see the color of the paper. Stick it in the new present glass, the second glass.
  8. Take the first glass and pass the water to the second one. Se the water transforming as you change it to other cup, even if you use two cups that look the same know nothing is the same. Listen the sound of it, it is transforming, creating and new life in this cup. You are the water, the cup is this new life. Accept this new form.
  9. Take the second glass, breath, close your eyes and see yourself in this new life. You jump to it, that are no going back.
  10. Drink the water feeling it, understand that it is you. The same body, in this new reality. Once again, THERE IS NO GOING BACK.

After this, you can pray in gratitude, clean the area and try being present in your life. Don1t think about it anymore, don’t visualise it anymore, you already have it.

This was how I did it and the result was fast. I really hope it helps you and I send you love and light, so we can movie this beautiful energy.

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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