How to have Faith and Jump to your dream life | Harder than I thought

Hello, how are you?

Have you ever had a moment of complete blindness of the next step? The next page… Actually, few more as if I finished a book and I don’t know what the next book is about. I know the title, but I have no idea what is about.

The first name I had after I closed the book was “Insecurity”.

We asked for it, we want to be out of the comfort zone. However, when it happens, “Ow boy!” It is wild. Our mind it is like a drunk person on a mechanical bull, go everywhere feeling in danger, but actually, you are ok. (I hope so, let’s pretend and go from here).

Here we are back in the Faith subject. As I said, I asked for this moment. I was unhappy in a moment of my life and I want to close that chapter. I received this as a miracle, beautiful and when I least expected it. Before it happened I said to my Higher Self (Angel, Guide, Master…): I am ready for it, I am sure of My power through You and I won’t lost it.

I felt great, but I would lie if I told you I didn’t fear the moment. I knew it was just my mind. My heart was calm, in peace; complete aware of the importance of this moment. However, I questioned myself. Am I sure or I just believe in My Power?

As we talked about before, Faith is certainty, believe is trust, but give space to doubt. You can read more in this link:


People say that: Courage is beside the fear, keep going. But Faith is harder than that. It is do something with no tangible material prove that something will work. Start a company in the garage(Apple), write a book(JK Rowling), start a channel, write a blog… Faith is lose completely your ego, because it is not a bout you. It is about The Great Love, it is you understanding that You are The Universe acting in love. You can act without realize it, but if you realize it you will witness one of the two things: The Universe working for you after (during) you working on Love (on It). The pain of nothing if you give up. When you conscious you can put the demerit in others or in an external situation. You will know because you saw, that you give up, and until you try again, Universe own be able to help you again. Not because It is mean, but because It sees throw actions of love. You act on love and you appears in Its screen, if you don’t act in love It can’t see you.

In other words, if you work where your heart it isn’t, It can’t see you. (Please I went through it and I know it is not easy to leave because we have to pay the bills, but be ask your Spiritual support to help you move to where and what you love, it is enough to receive this help, be open and have faith. That is enough). If you are in a relationship, you don’t few pure love, that one you don’t need to ask for eat and give freely, happiness and serendipity won’t be able to arrive and stay. (You don’t need to change the partner, but change the way you see love).

So, how can we live inside Love?

  1. Know what you love. What make you smile, you know that silly smile. What can you do for hours?
  2. Ask for what you desire, (what come from your heart) not what you think you need. This is consequence. (But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4 ). If you have no idea, but in your heart you want to know this desire, this passion, your path, ask for it: “I ask You to help me know what Love is for me” It will listen you and answer you!
  3. Have Faith. We are here to honor our greater essence. To honor God you must be It be. To be God you must understand and fell the certainty of be all the opportunities. If you think it is not possible, you are honouring the god that can do much. (What ever it is).
  4. Jump. (Even if you ask Spirit to push you, no problem, but want the fall because you have Faith).
  5. If you fear, ask for a hug from the Universe. Ask It to let you cry and say and know in your heart “I am sure of Your power, but my human mind needs this moment of fear.” Cry, fell bad for a moment. But be sure this is a second inside of a life living inside God’s love.

Remember, be weak is pretend to know everything and pretend to be fine when you lost.

Allow yourself to be honest with yourself, with your Higher Self that is Divine. Choose Love every day. If someone, or your mind, say it is cliché, say: It may be, but I never listen that the truth cannot be cliché. And choose love!

See you soon.

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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