How to deal with hater, enemy or others ego | Be in peace with

After learn about enemies I can fight the good fight and help you to do it easier too.


How are you?

Yesterday, or the day before, I had my first hater. And since we are here working on ego, it doesn’t really matter, but since we here growing and living the better life, synchronicity worked to show the purpose of it.

I am reading once more a Paulo Coelho book, The Pilgrimage. After he fights his enemy I thought Eureka, here it is why.

We need to remember a lot of thing of this path to get those messages.

  1. Nothing is “normal”. There are no coincidence. It happens for you. Not because you bad and deserve it, but because you need that to grow, to learn something you asked for. To face a fear. Life is happening, but your life is happening for you.
  2. Give back is fight with ego. Give a lesson, if exists, back. It is work with Universe.
  3. You need to fight you fight, to win it you must be present. If you wonder the past or the future, you lose already.
  4. Have an “enemy” it is not a bad thing, it is the test of the living being.

I feared criticism all my life. Others opinions matter for me, until I read about egos. I don’t understand why people are not polite sometimes, but I understand it is an ego thing. The person in the car that didn’t signal lane change don’t know me, so how can this be personal to me be offended? My ego felt defensive many times until I realized that it wasn’t with me. Probably the person is a bad driver, or had a problem that day, or was on its mind letting its ego take control over it. The person don’t hate me, or did that to offended me. But most people think like it. At least, act like it.

I did this video where using the water cup technique I got a job that payed as much I asked for. For safety, I didn’t show the place or how much I was payed for. The guy did this bad and sarcastic comment. My first reaction was to ignore since I know he isn’t a happy person and probably has many egoist problems to deal with. Latter, reading the book I though. He may be an enemy, the devil itself trying to put me out of my peace. But what I’ve learned (since there are god and bad just in the human illusion of this dualistic life) is that devil is an enemy that present itself to fight “the good combat” as Paulo says. (The bible Paulo). When you need to be present, act with you soul, be the spirit and defeat the enemy. Don’t fight is let the enemy win (and I am not talking about fight in the street with everyone to prove an ego thing that has no bigger purpose, come one people). Fight thinking about future or past situations is to lose. Be present and in the adversity create the solution, this is win.

In the book, Paulo Coelho gives a simple example. When his wife ask him to change the project of his house when it was already in progress. So, he went to the engineer and say about those changes to him. This person look a wall already made and give a new idea, changing the project but not enough to need to start again.

So, next time you face an unexpected challenge don’t run, fight your good fight and probably you will feel great and filled with love.

Be present.

Don’t think about give up or run.

Change the result.

I hope this helps you as helped me.

(I am recording more videos with law of attraction techniques with images of the result on the Youtube channel More).

EmMa Lopes

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Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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