How to became a Spiritual Master | The path

Be a master is not about know everything, but know how to find all the answers. Be a master is the most beautiful way to teach yourself through silence and no action, that will create and lead yourself to movement and harmony, like in music. For any master, teaching is important because is the moment of most learning. It is the moment where you can understand in you cells that teaching.

Search is action and noise for your mind and heart. Planned action is what will make you tired, give up, and fail. In many ways, through many people you can learn how not to do it. You can still use those paths to teach yourself that you must hustle, you must fail before win, you must work hard. We need to convince ourselves of it because it is too hard understand and accept our power.

Jesus and Buda, and many other masters, came as human to prove, teach and show how powerful we are, but we put shades in those words to keep in the material comfort of failure. Because I can tell you, it is easier work hard than have faith. Faith is the certainty in our own power. The power that God give us. The power you create yourself to this earth, before see the light of this Sun.

Now that I can see, I can tell you how it would look like:

First, you will search for a master, for the truth, for your path. You will learn you can ask for it. (Independent of what you believe). You will think that you will find this beautiful place of light. You start to have beautiful moments, inexplicable moments of peace, but you cannot know what light is without to know what darkness is. You will try to find help on books, talks, podcast, whatever it is. Because you are well, but Life, God and Universe want to teach you your own power, your strength. However, you are not ready to read it, to listen it, to know it. You became overwhelmed. Them, in your darkness, you learn something: You are alone. There is silence, there is retreat, but outside is just a normal day. You keep searching. There are people talking calmly, people talking about success, about BE… Just Be! What you don’t know, and your Master, (Yourself), is trying to teach you is that they are in their own path, learning too. All books, videos, talks, meetings can make you feel good, but just yourself dressed as your Master can teach you.

So, maybe in this order, maybe not. You learn the obvious, you doubt that, but if you are lucky, you will try. You learn that any path can be walked through one single energy (feeling, sensation… ) Love. How ridiculous ‘hum’? Of course, Jesus, Buda, Gandi are wrong. What love has with my carrier path? (Here is me dealing with myself, sorry if seems I was making fun of you, but if you felt offended, well. Welcome to the club).

Here I was, after the storm of nightmares, lingering thoughts, physical pain, mental break outs on my knees in front of God. (You know, give the name you want).
Maybe I was wrong, maybe I am human to be material only and it was too much pretension of me try to be a master. Here is when the rainbow appears at my window (literally). That moment I knew, in that moment I became my own master. I felt the biggest peace and love of my life. I understood that be a master is not teach, is learn and be un example in that teaching, not because you will change the world, but because you honour you path. I understood that as soul I choose the material world to be a material person, feeling, tasting, smelling, watching, moving, but just as soul, spirit and master I could act. I understood that there are no carrier, no special person, no right or wrong; just be now.

In Portuguese now or present is the same name as gift. This is God. The Gi ft. The Present. The now. And this is the time and space you can be a master.

Once again, all path will be different.

Thank you,

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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