Why people Judge the other’s life? | Serie Spiritual Diary

We are not prepared for the different, it make us fear… or is it something else?

It is easy to judge someone else life. I understand that we are not used to the different aspects of, well, nothing. “We accept.” As if anyone asked you to be the judge of something. We don’t need to accept anything, it is not our life to live but theirs. Their path to walk. Their path to choose. Their path to discovering.

When I share my own experience I take very much care of what I am giving.
One, because I may influence some else to think that this is the only way to do it. Secondly, because I may cause fear in other people. And with fear comes judgment, negativity, confusion to the other people.

Stepping on this scale I had this perception two days ago. The only way to balance my ‘give and take’ experience in this life is by giving my history written as a story to entertain and, maybe, help others.
In this first post, I want to share why I believe in what I believe. And, as I already shared here, believe is not be sure of. Believe is the truth and right that worked for me in my path.

As a child, my parents had some histories about me having dreams, contact with other heal energy, and some other things. But, as I grow up I didn’t felt like it was quite real. I always had remembrance of my dreams, it is quite rare to forget them. That is it!

So, when I was fourteen and I found a book about the power of our mind I could learn and explore a bit more about my dreams. I had a few experiences with meditation and communicating with others that were far away from me. Then, I was back to my reality, pushed and pulled without any power. I must confess that the consciousness of this power us enough to improve my life and my family life for a while. But when a traumatizing moment reached my family, all that were washed down.

I forget what I was, what I could do, the power I had. It took me years of hard work for nothing, where I was studying eighteen hours a day for something I didn’t want to do or learn.

When I finally give up others’ dream, kind of, and tried to improve my life living it. Just living it. By this time I didn’t have a carrier, I didn’t have money for college, I was weighing eighty kilos.

My first choice, that honestly was the only possible one, was to let life chose for me. I went back to my mother’s house. I started to work out with my mother, paid for here. I look for a job as a salesperson. And I enjoyed my day as it presents itself.

I had help from a person to find and get a job. I lose about five kilos in the first month, I start to date and I made a few new friends at that time. Life looks much better even though I was sleeping in my brother’s bedroon.

At the time, The Secret was famous. But I took the old one that I found when I was fourteen. I was in my twenties and the horizon looks promising.

For today I would like to share this part because I feel like it is important to understand that all of us are “normal” in a broader way to speak. In this normality, we understand we are all different and special, as our path will be.

I hope you enjoy it. I recommend reading those posts with a cup of coffee or tea and relax. Take it as a simple and small break in your day to read and enjoy a cozy and simple story.

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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