I would love to know what to say | Stay at home

We don’t know what to think or say, but I can give two ideas of what to do in this home time.

Hi. How are you?

It is hard not to talk about what is happening. The first thing that occurred to me was that it got worse in the Christian lent, a time for reflection. This time we are not thinking about a Saint man that taught about love, (maybe praying for the help of him), but there we are humans, material form and vulnerable.
In those past 10 years, we evolved in science more than in the last century. But those diseases, as a simple cold (as some would say) showed as many many things. Yes, you are vulnerable. And we can remember old days to control it, we can look for the future and hope for the best, we can be present and dance, (search for videos in Italy, beautiful). We are all connected in our weird, different, lovely way to deal with chaos.

I would love to come here and right with beautiful words that could comfort us in front of this dark night. But life itself is this dark night, and in all spiritual path will be humans walking in with. I am not saying life is bad, not at all. I love life, even though I know this is a small part of life itself, I love to breathe, to run, to dance, to laugh, to cry, to taste good food. How could not I love it? But life is a path of faith, as I said in another post. It is like a walk in the dark and maybe we just need a faith smaller than a grain of mustard, or even smaller than a virus.

Life is to trust even in the chaos, to be honest, it is to trust the chaos. It is known after a death we always have a new beginning. However, is how you deal with it that will say how the beginning will work. I am not saying we can feel the pain, I am saying we can not transform the pain in ignorance or hate. And this is our job.

I would like to talk about two things we can do at this moment since we have a lot of free time at this time.

I long time ago I read about Tao, this idea of respect the evolution of nature and his energy as it present itself. Where be is more important that act with the mind. That the no action is an important act. Learn to be by itself, find time to be still, to learn from the source you have inside, be patient, be quiet, listen to (and maybe dance to) the sound of the universe. Om as many would call. Turn off the tv, as you already know what it will be about. Be present in yourself. (“Nice to meet you again” old be a good way to start).
This brings me to the second thing.

I saw a video in England of a police car saying to people to go home, that we are not on vacation. I couldn’t ask myself. Is it die our biggest fear? (Most of us at least). Or, would meet the end. And in solitude, would some people be living the end? Because I know that for some people be alone is the worse thing that can happen. So, remember in those moments of meditation to pray for all the people. For the bodies to find health, for the mind find peace, for the confidence that your prayer is important as you are, (I am affirming that you are, by the way), for the families find love and time to have fun together, for we change for better after that, to people learn to love themselves so one day we can love the other, for the governors shut up. (Ok, I was trying to finish funny, but maybe are so ok out there).

I hope you all doing well.
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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