How to be balanced and find your value

How to look yourself and see your value and your part in this world.

Hi. How are you?

Yesterday night I remember the history of Diane von Furstenberg. She is a powerful, strong, beautiful human and businesswoman.
Her story and another book I am reading ( Brida, Paulo Coelho ) made me thought about the balance between being humble enough to understand that every human being is your equal. All with the same importance. All as special as the other. This is quite hard to understand, even harder to live about it.

Think about the person you disdain more. For me were easy to think about politicians, it was the first person I thought when I was doing some exercises to become more empathic. To be honest I was doing as part of the process but the result was to become more empathic. After thinking about this person, understand that at the highest level you are the same. I learned through the though that we are like diamonds with different lapidations but the same value. (I think it was Eckhart tole that thaught that). In the end, I prayed for his soul and asked for forgiveness as I was him too.

After I learned this and practice this every day, I learned the second thing in my path. I am worth. And I am not talking about just self-love and confidence. I am talking about see value in what I do. My text, my daily job, my videos. I can say Youtube is my favorite website. I have fun, I learn, I find so many good people doing what they love. But inside me is like all that was something out of my world, something I can’t achieve. It is quite hard to explain because I know what I love to do, what I am good at. I do it, but I don’t see myself as a J.K. Rowling. (Even writing this made me thought, “come one, to right for you compare yourself”, but this is not the real point). If you read her story you understand she is a normal human being that went through hard moments in life, that love what she does before any worry. This is very to break, for me. When you learn that we are the same spirit, all of us humans, the harder part is understanding you can do big things too with what you love.
So practice love towards others and towards yourself can become a huge thing.

The history of Diane von Furstenberg made me think about it because at some point in her life she had tongue cancer. She was in the business she loved but it was a time she was not satisfied. After many things happen and she got free of cancer she could understand that she wasn’t living her truth, doing what she does in a passionate way putting her voice in her own job. Even a person successful and doing what it loves can lose itself in the way. The capacity to remember your value as a fundamental part of the whole is key to overstep fear, paradigms and false believes.

For today, I invite you to be humble to understand that you are special as the person next to you are. And you are valuable as your idol is. Be it Jesus, a celebrity, your mother, it doesn’t matter.

In the book, I was reading there were two beautiful prayers that I will share with you, you may use them for yourself:

“We are human beings and we do not know our greatness, Father. Give us the humility to ask for what we need, Father, because no desire is futile and no request is futile. Each one knows what to feed his soul with; give us the courage to see our desires as coming from the source of Your eternal Wisdom. Only by accepting our wishes can we have an idea of who we are, Father. Amen.”

“Father, make me understand that everything that happens to me that is good in life is because I deserve it. Make me understand that what moves me to seek Your truth is the same strength that moved the saints, that the doubts I have are the same doubts that the saints had and that the weaknesses I feel are the same weaknesses as the saints felt. Make me humble enough to accept that I am no different from others, Father. Amen.” (Brida, Paulo Coelho)

I hope this helps you be in more contact with your inner master, the one that will really teach you. And that helps you to feel more balanced so you can make your dreams reality because they are worth and valuable. Even if you can see it yet.

Books I recommend today:

Brida, Paulo Coelho

Brida, (paperback), Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho Collection

Emma Lopes

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Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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