How to deal with Ego and your Mind

Sometimes the mind can control us and we don’t realise it. How to deal with uncontrolled thoughts

Hi. How are you?

Today I want to talk about something many people may go through. I would like to give you an example of many in my life. 

I used to be, I like to convince myself I am not anymore, very critic and skeptical. I know, a charming combination. So I easily find things boring or hated something and the word never was a queen in my vocabulary. 

However, I use to do exactly what I used to hate, or eat what I used to don’t like, or enjoy the singer I thought was boring, or I loved the movie I imagined to be just one more movie of… 

My first exchange was in London and I find the city ok. I tried to live in another place in my second exchange when I went to college, but I lived 20 minutes of King’s Cross in London. I never thought about go to India, because I live in a pour country so be in another that I would see the same thing didn’t make me jump, after reading about, see movies about, learn with Indian masters I can’t wait to go there. 

I can give you many stupid moments that I didn’t like something and even though some people may read it and think that is stupid I know everyone once thought about something and then started to enjoy the thing. And it wasn’t a rational thing where I forced myself to try that thing. I suddenly was reading about it, or the Uni. that chose me was there, or I meet a person that liked that thing. Hello reggaeton and thnk you girl!

We already have much prejudice about, well, everything. As our culture teach us, our family, or city… I don’t know you, but nowadays I hate when my mind tries to convince me of something without I live that thing. May be a movie, a food, a language, a music, whatever it is. How to deal with it?

Well. How do we deal with our minds? Being present! The ego can not live in the present. Experience in the past training to be smart. (Of course, I am not talking about practical experiences for professions). But, for example. I used to “not like” Japanese food, any Asian food to be honest. But it came from a family member’s experience. The person described a terrible experience, hated the food and “proved” me that it did not taste good. In my second exchange the first time I go out with some friends they chose a Chinese restaurant in the city of Hatfield. I would like to tell you that I have not just loved it as I went to this place every other weekend. When I went to London Yo! Sushy was my last stop to eat every single time. When I was back in Brazil I’ve tried some places and I could find only one in 2 states that were really good food. So I can understand what that person didn’t like the food. 

Nowadays I love to eat where I’ve been before. I love when something new opens in the town, mainly when it is international cuisine. I understand that it is normal to listen to people that love you and wants your best, but try to be open if that thing would not kill you. 

If you think like this of something put try this thing in a to-do crazy things list. I promise you will have fun, even if you confirm that thing is not for you. Once a month try something completely new. Walk around in a neighborhood you never went. Try a new movie. Dance that kind of music you say you hated. Do and practice things you not used to can help you get out of the routine and keep your ego far away. 

Some practices go far as to be in religion you never believed and study it for a while. I need to be serious in this part because you will be more connected with everything as the less you have an “I”. You can take this book and videos of Sadhguru as examples. They know and study many occidental religions, they quote every sacred book and master. I am a Christian and I have a Master, a Saint. But I know the world had and have many masters and saints that will teach about love as my Master Jesus did. What I am saying here is that as further you go in your spiritual path more open to everything you become because you know you are everything and everyone, you are sitting in a church and in a mosque too, or any other place that talks about love. (Even if in the ego people don’t understand the message, as further as you go in your spiritual path, you will understand).

So, be open. Start with music, food, movies, believes… One day you will be everything and feel everything. In this day, you will understand that you can’t feel love, YOU ARE LOVE!

I hope this helps and motivates you. 

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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