More than 10 IDEAS to have Fun with the Routine or when you are Bored

How to feel better in a second? More than 10 ideas.

Hi. How are you?

Today I want to talk about light things. I am feeling that peace and love that fulfill was and make us understand that love is about one person, not two. (Yes I have a husband and I love him, but you know where I am going here).

This kind of love is more than self-love, it is Divine love. Something that can change the color of the day, make you empathic and connected with everything. It is quite hard to explain it. Greek used to name it Agape. Nowadays we find the word ‘love’ or ‘charity’ in the bible where used to be some variations of the word Agape. The love you feel and become, not the love that needs something back or is returned. 

But, in this moment of love, I want to share some things that I love to do and I see as the real gold of life:

  1. Make coffee as it was a potion. With presence and harmony with the process. I like to do it manually as old-time, but you can enjoy your modern way of listening to the water in the machine, smelling the coffee vapor, feeling the hotness of your mug.
  2. Look at the sky. Just lay down on the floor and look it.
    Listen to the sounds. Sometimes if you stop to listen to sounds around you, it is the sound of living things. Even a car motor it is the sound of someone that created or someone that turned it on.
  3. Grabe a book or a notebook you have, write something simple. Feel the paper, feel the pen on the paper. Is it soft writing or almost scratch the leaf?
    Open Google maps. Choose a country. Scroll to see an area close. Choose a city you never listened to about it. Look at some pictures, travel on your mind a bit as you used to do as a child.
  4. Meditate for a small moment during the day when your mind isn’t expecting this gift. (I have some recorded meditation: If you are a beginner and for 3 minutes)
  5. Help someone, even a pray can help.
  6. Clean your house. Took me time to see the beauty of it. But once I read about the tradition of Japanese Tea time. The whole action feels like a ritual, and probably is. Do things present giving love to your house can make your day better, clean won’t be a problem anymore, create your own ritual to do everything.
  7. Write your story. It can be as a journal or as a book. Take time to watch your life the important character you are in this world.
    Sit by the Sun. You know that the Sun is very important to your mental health, so, just do it. Meditate there, or just relax with good music.
  8. Listen to good music. I recommend adding some kind of calm music, I like classic music and folk music. On Youtube, you can find great playlists of them. Like this one.
  9. Take a shower with a forest sound. I used to imagine myself in an ecohotel taking shower outside next to the forest. Your imagination can depress you, but people forget that in the same way, it can save you. (I will bring ways to be on top of it in the next post).
  10. Cook something. It is the same thing as the cleaning process. Make a meal as it was a ritual. As it is the most important meal of your life.
  11. Dream big. It won’t hurt you to sit a moment of your day and dream with something big like to be an astronaut. Maybe you don’t want to be one, but if you feel fun to dream to be it Do it!
  12. Good morning your day. Yes, simple like that. Give yourself a smile.
  13. The next time it rains, take a shower on it.
  14. Learn something you are curious about, even if you don’t see how it can help you, like astrology, tarot, numerology, shuffle cards like a pro, make up for fun, Chinese cuisine(even if you don’t want to be a chef, just for the fun of it) or something else.

I hope those ideas help you. If you think of something more, please share. You can find me on Instagram @emmalopes.more 

Much love,

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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