Meditation for Beginners | How to start to meditate by youserf

Steps to start to meditate by yourself. Why meditate is important?


I already recorded a meditation for beginners and today I would like to share the first step of a spiritual path. In other words, if you want to walk in a spiritual path you would like to be more aware, conscious, more on top of your own thoughts. I think this is the first thing you can do to have a better life, to feel more connected, to go back to your childish faith or, maybe, create faith in your life. 

I started meditation with guided meditation, like the one I recorded and I will share here for you. (Meditation for beginners). Only when I wanted to know my power, to know how I manifested something; just when I asked for learning about the honored path I got on this. I already observe people that said Law of Attraction, Mindpower, whatever the name, don’t work. But some people want a magical formula, and learn your own power is a process of months, I would say years. You can manifest in the first week after learning something about those practices, but a more concrete understanding and a more manifestation “lifestyle” take time. The Romantic Comedy lifestyle, as I already said. Or a life where you develop serendipity. 

I would indicate you to start with meditations that make you observe your thoughts. 

Take two weeks to do this:

  1. Set an alarm for 10 minutes. (I highly recommend the app Insight Timer because you can set bells and find a white noise to help you in this). You can set for 11 minutes so you have a minute to find the best position.
  2. Lay down or sit in a comfortable chair. No need for a stream difficult cross leg position here. Be comfortable. 
  3. Close your eyes. Take 3 deep belly breaths. 
  4. Find an image that makes you observe the thoughts and can organize them. You can imagine yourself sitting in a park where your thoughts are people coming and going, or in a train station where you can see each train wagon as a thought. I like to see them like fireworks. They come, the fires burst and disappear.
  5. Observe them but try not to get on the wagon. Let them go. Don’t force yourself to be thoughtless here. Just lose control. 
  6. After 10 minutes take note in a notebook. Find one you can direct all your spiritual learning and experiences. Take note of all experiences so you can see what is better for you. As I always say, the path is different for everyone, God will be different, practices will be different, way to meditate will be different… Take note even if you sleep, it is normal. The next day try to do it in a different position or time of the day until you find the perfect place, position and hour of the day.

In the second week, if you can stay 10 minutes without sleep and observe your thoughts, add a minute to each day. So we finish the week with 17 minutes or more if you like. Just add more then 1 minute a day if you think it is ok for you. But I would stay with a minute more a day. 

And remember, failure is needed here. This practice is about losing control, lose the battle, be vulnerable without judgment. Learn to detach from your mind is to be open to failing, to losing control of your thoughts, to learning you are not them, learning that if they think they win because they bothered you or make you sleep is not important because you know that is not about achieving something, but observe. 

I compare my Higher Self and my thoughts as God and humans. Here I am still, Being, the Observer and the One sending Love. The thoughts say things against me, they say things that should bother me in their vision, they try to put the falt on me of actions they want to take. But in the meditation, I am God sending love to my thoughts that once and a while can be lovely and caring but sometimes are just… Controversial and complicated. Let’s say.

You can learn about things you don’t realize you have inside of you, even though it is not you, it can make you some bad. So you can fix it. Like if you are in the house and you have a wire with an electrical problem. If you can become aware of that situation and change it you won’t have future problems. If you can change some idea and put someone new in the place this is not part of you, it is so close and connected and affecting you, that seams it is you, it is the house. As an electric wire can look like part of the house, but it isn’t because you can change it for another one, even with size and different color and the house will be the same, but safer, healthier. 

I hope to help you, I don’t know if I was clear in this last paragraph, but I think you can take the idea. 

Share with me how you start to meditate and if this practice helped you of you do it. 

Thak you, 

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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