Lucid Dreams and Remember Dreams | How to do it?

3 steps to practice how to remember your dreams. But, be patient


Dreams are a mystery that I few very attracted too, maybe many of us do. Let’s talk about dreams then. Not the goal, not the desired one. Dreams you have at night even if you don’t remember. 

I was fourteen when I first meet a book about Power of the mind and the first practice that take my curiosity was about remembered what I’ve dreamed of. But why would anyone be interested in remembering an unconscious story that our mind most of the time can’t remember? 

Well, I remember two topics this book talk about. First dreams can be part of your wake up life as a tool to give you answers. Secondly, you can be aware you are dreaming so if some dream starts like a nightmare you can become aware and change it. 

I start these practices I will share about 15 years ago and I still do it every day.  

  1. Before sleep and after any meditation or prayer I put intention to remember wherever I dream of, so I say something like: “I put intention to remember what I dream in the morning.” I see myself writing the dream in my notebook and I fall to sleep. This can be a mantra to say until you sleep. 
  2. I write what happens at night. Sometimes I have the certainty of dreaming but I don’t remember what happened, so I write this. If I know that was about win something but I don’t know what I dreamed of exactly I write it too. If I remember, I read one or two times and I meditate about it. I just sit in silence and pt intention to understand the meaning if I should. I don’t think or analyze it, I just stay in silence, the answer just comes if I should know something. 
  3. Forget it and keep going to your life. And I say this because I am a person that overthinks everything. It is not necessary here. 

I normally am very aware in my dreams nowadays. What people call “conscious dream”. I few times I had premonitions that were quite easy to understand. I always pray to know just what I should know and nothing bad. But some “bad news” was given to me but I saw as warnings so I could change a situation. To this day it helped a lot. You probably won’t become a supernatural person, its anything like that. 

I am saying that because people may think it is a crazy thing, “OMG I will see the future”. Nothing like that, I think it is a way to know what you may be attracting to your life, things that are in your subconscious mind. Sometimes in other people next to your life, like a broader, a father, your mother. Something like that. 

You can find some more practices in some articles of neuroscience. Dreams are studied in psychology, psychoanalysis, and neuroscience, there are many ways to know more about it.  

(I will share a couple because some you need to pay ot register to read it: this is a post on Neuro Science News and this is a article )

However, I love to learn about it I had some problems because of it. When I started to ask for being in my path, honor my life in this life I went to a process that some people call the dark side of the soul. Bigger than have nightmares, the dark night is the process of faith and cleansing.

When you working with dreams day become part of it and nightmares and be constant. It brings many of your fears, attachments, fears, doubts, did I said fear? Well, it can happen, but pray and keep going that at some point everything gets so much better that you will be glad of it. Most of the time I tried to find meaning in those dreams, but we must understand that as a soul not everything will be for the mind understand. Sometimes during meditation or sleep, you will see things, signs, forms that don’t need to overthink. Understand that maybe your cleansing is occurring faster in this way. Losing control is key at this moment. 

I hope this helps you, have a nice week.

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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