Practice to Let your Ego Mind and Connect with True Self

Something practical that will help you let go your ego and live your dream life, manifest, be happier …

Our ego is very sensible, we all know that. How to say without using words or attacking it, otherwise you are just creating another ego, that it must BE. That it must let you transcend to help all of us be better. How to say it? How to live it?
Well, easy, being present.
How to be present if this egoic mind doesn’t stop creating stories, responding and creating questions? Mainly creating reasons to keep you where you are, because for this it is comfortable. And it can be a way of thinking, not a physical place.
Well, I discovered a way to do it. It may have another form to lose your ego, or this form won’t help everyone to let go of this ego. But let’s work with this I have to present for a moment.

Let’s pretend that for your life is to be alone, not in a bad way, you like to be alone, you feel you were born like that and you love to travel, you love to meet new people, you like to observe a new culture. Stay in a place for years is unthinkable for you.
But you want to stay, you want to marry that girl you didn’t think would exist, you would love a specif town, you feel like you lived there before in some other life because you love everything in it. How to make your mind stopping to sabotage you, so you can happily change.
The opposite is also true, you believe people should find someone, so you always had a date, you should have an heir so you can teach it things and keep you DNA on earth, you should buy a house and create your roots, work and know people of your community.
But you traveled once and you loved it, you want to do it more, but you know. Maybe you will miss your perfect partner, or you will get older and won’t be so nice being a parent if you are a woman it won’t be possible if you wait too long.

A small practice you can do, every month at least is to find something to challenge yourself. It can be a small thing to find a week’s Law of Attraction practices with something new to do each day. It could be to stay a month without a certain food, like meat, chocolate… It must be something that changes your week or make your mind think that it is crazy. You can go even further like spend a month attending events of another religion. (But I only recommend this for people that evolved out of the ego enough to go open-hearted and really find knowledge on doing it… I think I don’t need to talk about respect here right?).
Learn something you always thought you were bad at, make it a priority for a week. You can ask someone else for help.

If you are thinking: Ow, this is an exercise to take you out of inertia so you provoke changes, changes can help you.
Yep, that’s it!

When you take your mind out of “your reality” it can make your ego feel lost, weak and see you can do whatever you want, and most of the time you just need to choose change.

Affirmations, for example, work as a mantra to change a belief and make changes happen. There are many ways to make changes happen, but this practice I use helps you not just change but change your mind.

And you, what helps you kill your ego a bit every day?

Much love and health,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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