21 days Law of Attraction Challenge in process | Do it with me!

21 days following a manual to manifest what I want. Does it work?

The last post made me think about what can I do to move life a little bit, to get out of my present routine, to be more aware and less in the automatic pilot. But I would like to invite you to do it with me. I will create this post with daily practices that we can do together, I can post on Instagram about the evolution of it.
I am not trying to be nice here, I am naturally nice, share with me if you do it so I can learn with others experiences too. (My Instagram is: @emanuellemlopes)
I found this practice on The Law of Attraction Website and I will share each day here, but you can check it out there. Every day I will try to edit and actualize this post too. I hope you enjoy it and that this helps.

Day 1 – Clear your mind
Straight forward, this practice makes us get ready, it is the first step. If you will on a date first thing to do, get yourself clean. Here we clean any stresses. Here we will work with breathing and doing basic things!
a. Take a deep breath in through the nose. Feel your body with air, that big breath that makes your body bigger. Hold 4 seconds and let go of it like when you finish a big exam.
b. Repeat as often as you can.

More about breathing techniques here.

Result: I knew this breath technique, I use it sometimes. However I must confess, yesterday I was extra calm, I could be less reactive and more aware of what was happening around me in a higher way. It was new to me and it will be different for you. But, try it!

Day 2 – Make Space in Your Life
Now, the cleansing is outside. Clean your car, your house, get rid of objects that remind you of a bad past, clean your e-mail account, declutter your home… (On The Law of Attraction website you can find a link to help with it).

More about why decluttering here

Result: I already did a huge spring declutter at home, but I took the day to put everything in place, I took some stuff we normally forget to look, like medicines and batteries. I separated them to put in the right place to discard. Those small things. It always feels great have my house organized. (Check my community on Youtube, I’m trying to share the progress of the challenge there.)

Day 3 – Explore Your Goal
Think about what you believe you want it, then ask yourself: (I would recommend keeping track of this in a journal or in your mobile).
Why do you want it?
Do you really want it?
“When thinking of your goal, imagine it manifesting in different ways until you get a sense of the specific goal you’re truly striving for”

Result: And here I failed, but the important thing it is stand up and try again, so I did day one and two again and today (29/04) here we are! This part is quite fun for me, I like to do it when I wake up or go to sleep.

Day 4 – Put your goals in the right words
Write your goal many times can help you in many ways, here it will work as a filter to give you a clear vision of what you want. When it is clear, write it where you can see a lot. Mobile screen, your bedside table, your bathroom mirror…

More about how to do it here

Result: After I give the thoughts about it, I wrote its thing in a small quote. And one thing I was reading and it is very important is to ask what you really want. If you want money, don’t ask dor a job, if you want a job, don’t ask for money. So I put something like: 7 digits bank account + opportunities to grow my business as writer + move to my dream house + travel to … (many places).

Day 5 – Make a Step by Step Plan
Not a fan of this, but let’s try it. Here it asks you to write down each step to achieve your go, but most of the time you have no idea how.
Once upon a time, I asked for travel through Europe, live there for a year and visit many countries. My only problem was money. I didn’t have it to do a year abroad as I would like. My plan was to be present and ask for God to be the how. I was sure that It was the how. I went to friends meet, a girl talked about a scholarship and I applied to it a few months later. There was my plan, but it came as a result of my prayer. The path was my manifestations taking place. So, here, don’t panic.
Make your plan be something like:
I will meditate for a week or a month seeing me in my manifestation, in my dream life. Write down a specific image to see over and over.
I will ask for it and since I put the effort I know I received already.
I will enjoy my present moment in gratitude and happiness.
Plan as figuratively as you can, but if your plan has a step that you can take, do it. Don’t get attached to this path, because it may manifest in a different way from what you planned, but take your mind out of the need helps a lot, so do something helps a lot.

More about make a plan for personal life and business here

Result: That was great and took some weight of me. I saw I could do a few things to help things move. I have 5 wishes. 1 for health and body, 1 for my writer goals, 2 of life style and 1 for money. I started study more about investment. It was a goal on college, and it was good to move with it. Some idea come to make more money and I met a guy that works with trade and gave me some tips. I was surprise. I am working out at home with this Bully Juice challenge and I am trying go on a plant diet, feeling very good. For my life style I had signals. And for write I just finish editing 3 books and they are on Amazon, maybe you can be the change on it. Books on Amazon.

Day 6Create a Dream Board, box, notebook…
I love this part. As I already did my vision board for this year I will open my vision board on a Pinterest album to play around, and I will check my notebook to make it more direct with my goals.
You can find many videos online talking about vision boar.
You don’t need to make a typical one, you can use your mobile screen, your laptop screen, the back of it, your bathroom mirror, you can write it in a notebook, or put some pics while you write on it, you can have a box with photos… Be creative!

More about creating a creative way to create here (yes I am having bit of fun here)

Result: I have my Pinterest board and a physical one, but I don’t look everyday. Actually the idea is to let go of it. The creation of it was just part of a creative part. After I felt it I let it go.

Day 7 – Pick a manifestation song
I did a bit more than that a while ago and for sure it will be fun to go back to my Youtube Playlist and check that album.
Travel: I use folk music about travel, I love the vibe.
Self-love: I use one that helps my teenage self that had low self-esteem, Hailee Steinfeld, Love Myself. And I love this one too, Lauren Daigle, You Say. And, may I say, what a voice! I love the music from The Greatest, This is me.
Carrier: Miracle, ColdPlay n Big Sean. Sia – Unstoppable. Just Like Magic, from Ariana Grande. And so many more for all taste.
Financial Goal: Billionaire, Bruno Mars, and some others. 7 rings and Moment 4 life are good to feel that fancy.
Work out: I use yoga videos, so not for me this one. But find music that makes you want to move. When I just want to dance a bit I put Latin music and I move my bones.
Make a playlist, but listen every morning the one you choose for your “biggest goal”.

Result: This was my favorite part. I changed some music and added some and I start the day singing them. I highly recommend you to do it.

Day 8 – Basic Visualization
Take the phrase you choose for your go, create an image. Sit for 15 minutes in a quiet place to do this practice. I recommend in the first 5 minutes you work with your breath, then pray, so take 10 minutes to see and feel your new achievement. It, the website, recommends to make a creative process too I recommend it too. Use five minutes to concentrate, to be present and then write, draw… Sweetheart, feel it because you are receiving right now what you want!

Result: I did it to have fun, once again. It is not the moment to feel attached to it. Or have a thought of resistance “I must imagine like this” “I couldn’t see it” “I felt sleep, s***” None of this will help. Just relax and enjoy the moment, if you feeling nervous to do it, try in other moment. In a bath, cooking. Some moment you are relaxed.

Day 9 -Design Your Affirmations
It is time to be grateful. Make your phrases from day 4 into gratitude affirmations. Use it every morning and every time you remember during the day. Simple like that. Enjoy it!

Day 10 – Write About Your Dream
Now you have been there, you are grateful. Write how is it? What it is like? Why you are grateful for it? How is life with it?…
This is what people call scripting. It is a journal of your future self acknowledging you about your future.

Day 11 – Block and bumps in the road
It is normal some beliefs take place here. I don’t know so many people that can help me, I am not pretty, I didn’t study much, I am short, I am too tall, I tried everything before, I don’t have the money.
It is time to remember that “HOW” is not your part of the deal. But one step of the time.
Write what can “hold” your dreams back.
Write the worse scenario if it doesn’t happen. What is the most probable scenario. What is the perfect scenario?
How much you think about it stead of good thoughts, those that make you feel good and happy? Can you realize your mind may be tricking you?
Scribble the first and second written scenarios.
Clean it all of you. You can make physical action to clean it. I like to walk and give a bigger step like when we have a small puddle in front of us and I feel like I left all behind. You can take a shower and see every bad belief going down the drain. Those beliefs are not real, your mind can make them be as can make your dreams real. So you can choose and I know you won’t choose the bad scenario.
I recommend you read this post.

Day 12: Challenge Negative Paradigmas
Each false belief of yesterday needs to be transformed into a good affirmation. You can use during the day too.

Day 13: Self-Care (Yeeesss)
Well, the best way to manifest something is feeling at easy. Relaxed, like “Ops! take you for this Oscar, I forgot it was today, I was having so much fun with myself here.”
Nothing is so serious, be playful with your life, it is hard but you can do as I am doing. First repeat: It is not so hard, I am having fun. In the afternoon or before sleep repeat: OMG. It is easy to have fun, I forgot about those things and I am happy. I don’t want to know how this is possible, but Thank You!
I have a post about how to grown self-esteem. Click here!

Day 14 – Connect with an object
Find an object that every time you touch or see it you can remember your dream. Take it with you every day from now. Every time you can meditate holding it.

Day 15 – Visualize more with more details
It is simple like that, just have more fun. Many Youtube meditations help with it. The idea here is to be your Higher Self, and see you in your manifestation as your Higher self sees you. From above, from your side, as you feel like, but it is out of your body. It feels like you feel, but see you and the environment from a wider perspective.
I recommend writing it down as a letter telling your future self what you saw. How it will be. Date it and put in a place you can find in a few years, I like to do it every two years. Your manifestation can be a past moment for your future self.

Day 16 – Start a gratitude Journal
As I said on my last video and Eckart Tolle speaks a lot, it is easy to take as granted a cup, the water you drink, an old shoe, your chair or any other simple object in your life, but when you are grateful for every little thing life to start to be incredible. Your mind can make you believe in reading it: But I will spend the day think about all that stuff.
We know you have time to complain about many things or think negative thoughts… You can find the time if you want to make this change as it was taught days before.

Day 17 – Revisit your plan
Go back to day five. (I am feeling on The Game of Life board game too).
Get proud of what have you done! (Thank You Thank You!) Adjust your plans if you feel like it. Enjoy reading it a bit. See if you received something, a sign, a dream, a piece of music about what you what… Do you feel better?

Day 18 – Signs
Well, keep your eyes open for any sign. Animals, numbers, repeated phrases, meet an old friend, find a feather, a coin, a call… Don’t look for them, just put the intention in the morning: “I am open to receive a sign about my manifested dream” Have fun on your day and move on!

Day 19 – Give
Keep in high vibrations helps anything good come to you. So give attention, a prayer, a coin, thank you for your bus driver, the guy who harvested his food, the driver that delivered into the supermarket, yourself for being gorgeous. Do and feel as good as you think it is impossible today!

Day 20 – Live as if
Here it is the planning I like. I might confess it doesn’t work for me but it is so much fun. When I manifested the “live abroad and travel through Europe year” I separated photos of the places, places to visit, places to go back, things to do. I didn’t do it on purpose. I just was in a lazy moment in an afternoon and I saw a balcony in Italy photo and I saved, another day I saw an Aurora Borealis photo and I saved, sometimes I went back to that album on my mobile and I felt good looking it. I used to watch movies about travel or its images of the places I wanted to visit. Nothing was so Do this Do that. But what I have fun doing I keep doing, so I like this part, but it is not like you will fail if you don’t do it.
If you want to travel, plan the trip. If you want a partner, open space in your life and bed to it. Go shopping as you can pay for all when you arrive home feeling like you have all with you. This is a moment to play as your inner children would like!

Day 21 – Release, Let Go…
Promise yourself this. You can say it in front of a mirror.
“I manifested what I ask for and I am grateful. I am pure joy. (Feel it). I feel love for myself because I did it, I open myself for this process. Now I will enjoy life, each day, with the people around me. Because I am alive and it is great don’t need to bother with that goal anymore because I was heard and my dreams are happening”

After that don’t think about it as you want it, but if you mind think about it remember. “Thank you for giving me what I asked for, because I am desire and You are The How!”

Tomorrow I share this first day. I am doing my breathing practice and I am so excited!
See you tomorrow!
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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    1. Hi. I am trying to talk about each day, what it should be and how you can go deeper on my last posts. I hope this helps you, soon I will share how is it working for me. Thank you!


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    1. There is this thought, I had too, people that search to be more spiritual, to learn more, to nderstand more life and people are old with a big beard and serious. They can be older with white beard, but I can asure you, they are fun and funny. I think we should take life more ligheter, and this doesn’t mean just play around, but while doind something serious keep the fun so you can be more creative, less connected with the mind, less controlled from your ego. We try our best keeping this idea in mind! Thank you for your comment.


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