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3 things to do that makes life easier and more organized inside


A few days ago I recorded a video talking about 3 notebooks I have and I use frequently. I feel weird looks with this phrase but keep with me.
Reading, evolving, learning, trying, and all. I stick with 3 habits that I use notebooks to help. I will talk about each one so we can work better here:

Journaling (Notebook: Agenda, diary, journal…)
This works for me as a notebook I bring everywhere I go. It is for putting your thoughts out, to vent, to take notes about ideas, things you want to do. It is a notebook where you can be unorganized. Let all out in the way it comes. You can draw, write affirmations, write poetry, a lyric you can’t stop to think, what your mind asks for do it… The first thing I write on it is my dreams from the last night. I write if I sleep well, what I did the day before to sleep well or not. All this helps in your autoanalyses.
Inside the cover I like to choose a word for that year, 2020 is EXPERIMENT!

Magik book | Law of Attraction notebook
This one stays on my altar, it can stay on your work table. Someplace you use when you are learning about spirituality, where you use to read and take notes, next to your bed. Someplace that is next to you, but you don’t need to keep it with you all day. I write about practices I’ve learned, techniques, new spiritual learnings, everything new that I need to absorb, and put in practice. In the last 20 pages, I write what works for me. So I write how I like to meditate, what practice helps me control my mind better, what practice make me more present. Everything that make me feel good and I can add to my daily life I write there so if I feel I need to be more present, I visit those pages and I can use some of those practices.

Manifestation notebook
We all listen about Vision Boards or Dream notebooks. This is a notebook for keep my achiviments and goal visible enogh for me. I keep it with my second notebook, in my altar. As altar I mean a place that I sit to relax, meditate, write, analise myself… I have a table, a chair, a vision board, those books, my bible and a few pens. Like a normal table, but since it is a special placce in the house this is my altar. The altar for My Stunnig Higher Self.
Keep going: In this notebook I write what I want in the beggining of it. In the middle of it I write insights I had that can help myself. In the end I write what I achieved and so affirmations that works for me. Quite simple, but it is very easy to forget what we received or achieved and take as graranteed. Write all down makes you see that you are manifesting each day with more easiness, and if you don’t write it down, with luck you will remember your big goals, but none of those small thigs will be remembered.
Inside the cover I like to write something simple but that make me think I can do it. In this one I have: I manifest…

Create the habit of keep track of what I manifest, what works for me and my thoughts helped me see more clearly how I manifest things, what are my beliefs and what I am continuously thinking.
In a direct and big summary those practices in a notebook or your mobile phone or in your notebook, whatever you prefer, helps you be your own Master.
You will figure out patters of life, how it works, how it develops itself and you can become part of the creators of it!

I hope this helps you orginize your practices and your growth because I went to the “overwhelmed phase” and I know how you may feel.

See you soon,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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