Intuition for Business Decisions and Creative Ideas

When a Harvard business professors talks about intuition we stop and listen. But, what is intuition?

Can I say my intuition asked me to talk about it? Well, the truth is the topic keeps coming in my life through many forms, some that I will share here. (Sure pal, I get you).

Last weekend I and my husband start to watch spiritual movies. We started with a movie about an avatar of Brazil, that worked was Kardec writing books from souls of other reality (let’s say). A simple boy of a pour city changed Brazil, teaching us about the other side even the law here needed to bow its head. Chico Xavier died, as he predicted, in the day Brazilian peoples were all happy. When Brazil became five times champion in the soccer world cup.

After this movie, a documentary appeared on the screen.

Innsaei is a documentary where a business Harvard teacher, a writer, a Xaman, an artist, and many other people talk about intuition and how it is important to connect itself to, more than walk your path, move the world out of what we already know. I highly recommend this documentary, but with a lightly warning. Some vision about intuition was very shallow because science is trying to know more and they connect with the real world we know as material form. But if you let go of what you know and see it as a step for humanity, it will make you very happy, at least.

So we arrive at my point of view, or those I feel more comfortable with. Intuition is something that will know with the silence of your mind, so, you won’t find an accurate meaning to it. Saying that I can guarantee you, don’t look for what it is or what it means, but how to develop the connection with it and you will give jumps to a better life. (Take a note for that).

Intuition isn’t a fashion thing or word, it always existed in each of us, it always will exist. You can think it is a whisper from the soul or knowledge delivered in a nonmaterial way. Something you know, because you know. You didn’t study that, you just know. Some believe creativity and intuition are closely connected, I know by intuition that they come from the same source. One is invited in rationally, other is received when you least expect.
When I sit here to write I ask in my way to be connected with creativity, my fingers write so fast that in the past I wonder if I am writing it. Now I know it is me, but my higher me, when I am connected. When I try to work in a scandal and in a routine my higher self gives me a pity laugh and say, not as you wish child. (I am kidding, but in the creative mind I have I like to configurated sceneries of how my higher self speaks with me. I take seriously the “don’t take yourself so seriously” quote).

It is not hard to understand why great masters, avatars, saints talk about observe kids or remember when you were a child. They know how to be creative and be connected all day. Some popular quote in Brazil says: “God protects kids and drunks”. Now I feel like it is because, without the help of the mind, the soul can work easily. (But the drunk, I don’t know how this happen).

This last weekend I visit my great mother. She lives with my brother and his family nowadays because she has lung cancer. (We treated for 5 years, we because all family are together on it, and there is nothing more to do). I and my father are locked in (in a stream way) to be able to visit her, so it is the only time we left the house is to visit her. Doctors are helping us make it possible because we don’t have much time. The point here is, it seems a sad story, it is not. She is amazing and we see much more than a body sick, that is a big history behind all that and a moment of intuition made me think about finish a book I started about her unbelievable history and sell it to help a project. I would like to take this money and give it to places that work with cancer reassert. I would like to go further and help those doctors and researchers learn about intuition so they can be more productive in creating and think about new ways to develop a cure. Well, let’s keep in the donation part for now.

I would like to know what you think about the idea.

The second thing that happened that day, was that I could observe my nephews day after day playing around with no worries about tomorrow, having fun, and creating a pink house with a pink blush and a pink unicorn each day. (That is my three years old niece sharing her pure innocent vanity with me).

I would love to hear about what you think of intuition and this idea. Tomorrow we talk about how to connect with your intuition.
See you soon,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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