5 Practices to Connect with your Intuition

5 simples practices to add in your life and grow intuition

Hi, here we are again!
Let’s keep talking about intuition and how to let it run your life to a magic present.
Everybody starts on this path wanting something from it. Manifest something, grow intuition to know better, create serendipity. Whatever it is what for it is at some point you discover you want to keep in this path, a while after that you start to say things like a spiritual path. But, honestly, no matter the less tacky word you find to call it. At the end of the day, you want to improve yourself, with good intentions or not so good.

Here good and bad I will use in the sense of, things you want to your higher purpose or things you want for luxury, vanity, fashion, or wherever it is. And please, don’t think I am saying a carrier in fashion is not valuable, I am saying the opposite. If you feel that work on fashion, no matter the ods to be successful is your path, go with it, honor your path you will be the best. But if you want this carrier because you think you will be happy because a celebrity seems happy, or because you think it is the only way to have a comfortable life, or a name to be remembered, you probably won’t get anything from it. But if you want that car because everyone cool has it, let’s say this is not the higher desire you have. On the opposite, for one more example, if you find a specific car, even very expensive your dream car, maybe there is a purpose you have no idea in the action on buying it.

I would like to put this idea, the reason to keep in your spiritual path with these words: The value of something it is not inside it, but in how you feel about it or with it.
That’s why visualization is a thing, it will help you feel it before have it, so you don’t commit the mistake to ask something you don’t really want.

And here we go with some practices to help you keep walking your path and improve your intuition:

1th step
Write. What do you want to know? What is the question? Write it and forget it. When you go meditate, think about the question and let go again. Intuition comes when it is good for you (soul) not when you want(ego).

2th step
Do what it says. Action is the proof and the boost for intuition. When you do something, no matter how weird it sounds because you felt you should, probably you will witness a magic moment of “OMG, I was right about it.” And if played with gratitude, more and more moments like this come. But, let me refresh your memory. If your ego wants to be right in a conversation about a topic, probably your mind will trick you and you will say “This intuition thing doesn’t work”. It does not work for your ego grow, for you to be the right pants, for you feel better than others or say: “I told you so”.

3th step
Practice patience. Be quiet for a while, don’t ask, don’t try to understand or move, don’t try a game to make time pass. The answer comes, not at the right time when people use to say. But they come when they come. Sometimes you won’t feel ready and it will be there, sometimes you will wait for it, and it will never arrive. Understand life for a higher perspective is about, in addition to many other things, accept life as it is because you know this is part of a process your higher self, your soul, your subconscious mind needs to live.

4th step
Observe more than react. I love to travel by myself as much as I can, so I can be this silent observer of life. I do this in my town too, but when I travel I can unite two things I like to do. Maybe it can help you to be in a different place to feel less judgemental and more observer. Observe yourself to. If you are in pain, try to observe it. Where is it exactly? Be there, observe. It is crazy, but I am not here teaching A B C. It is a crazy walk in your spiritual path. But it’s simple like “watch”! Women this can be easier for you if you have cramps, it is an opportunity. (Not saying to keep in pain, just observe for a while, may help in some situations, in other just take the pill).

5th step
Dreams can bring many insights. Meditate over them. I have a post on how to remember dreams, I will share it here.
One thing I learned young was that messages come from all different sources. So don’t let your mind play you in “this is not real” game. Life is real, just in your mind, science already theorizes that it is more probable you live in a multi-reality. Indians talk about ‘maya’ for millenniums.

Well, the bonus practice is Have fun! No matter the goal, even if it is for saving a life, if you overthink, worry, and keep your mind in the way, it will not work!

I hope this helps you to be more connected. They are simple practices you can add in your life and be more present to receive any message.

See you soon,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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