Who you do think you are? | Poetry

Do you ever judged the other and thought: Who am I to judge?

Let one understand that fixing one’s own step is how the world moves forward
That there’s no point in criticizing humanity. What’s its merit for withdrawing from it?
If you can’t save yourself, how can you point out the others saying they failed?

That we must improve we know, but how is it the reason to act worse?
Much less complain, or give up
Swallow your Self before you judge, smile at the now instead of worrying about the other’s life
If you know the other has done less, here’s the proof that you’re wasting your time watching the lives of others, time that you could be doing something good for us to be better
For yourself, who, though proud to think it’s the best between us

It’s also the finger that judges, the hand that holds the wheel, the feet that make the world go round
Stop watching the newspaper, the one who accumulates exceptions from the past to convince you that you are right and feed your proud

Do you want the truth? Look inside, if it is different you’re just another charlatan
May the next poetry serve as a push for you, for I’m tired to slap society to wake up

I’m tired of reaffirming the slap I humanly give myself… In the happiness of turning the other cheek that I walk to the best of humanity with my soul

You know when someone says something stupid, but as a spiritual person, you know the stupidity is also part of me. How to help someone that can see, or don’t want to see. To stop to look to the next house and look to their own. How to do it? Many times I asked myself knowing that a mistake is not so important than sit and judge the mistake. As a whole, we are here growing and improving.
Well, since I see myself in the others flaws, I know I will keep trying, improving, walking. But I know many will ask:
Why? For whom?

For myself, for my future self. Because I felt the pure love, and I can guarantee it is worth it!

Have a blessed weekend!
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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