How to get the job | With real example

Two things I manifest quite easily at life, romance and jobs! Manifest your dream job doing this

Once upon a time, I asked the Universe that I call Father. “Father, I want to learn to manifest, not as I did many times before that I didn’t know what really happened, I want to know each action necessary. And I promise I will share it with the world”. That as a sincere pray I did going back to the home I shared with a friend after college.

I was done with all in my life by the time. The course I choose, share a house, even though I love my friend I needed to live by myself for a while. I was done with my relationship even though I was in the negation part of it yet. I was done with all “country economics problems” that made me look for an internship that would rain in the college years before. Here I was in a petrol area that Odebrecht helped crash after all corruption scandals.

I would love to say that everything starts to change magically after that day. But a few days crying lost and praying to be listened and remembered came before everything change.
One day I took a positive thought and hold it. As a way to put myself out of my mind, I went to the streets to deliver resumes, but that time I went with no worries. I want to walk, observe the town, be for a while before worrying about pay bills, move, if he was the one and all that.

The next day, a professor sends me an internship opportunity next to my house and the university, what it was quite rare. They paid a bit less, but I would be next home and I had a dog with heart problems to take care of. Be all day out because I would be 2 hours maybe 2 hours and a half on a bus was not very appealing to worth a bigger payment. This rare opportunity had many competitors but I kept the “I just want to be” person there and in my honest and sympathy I got the job. I honestly felt I wasn’t good enough to get anything big, not because of self-esteem issues, but because I was still making believe I cared about my area of study. I felt wrong in the classes, and I would felt that bad in any interview until I BE there only. Many people are in their mind when they have an interview for a job they want so much. I didn’t care much, by that time I care about paying my bills and be happy.

I won’t share the story of my first job here too, but I was in the same mood. No job after college, in the last semester of my internship contract, no income on the horizon, friends moving to big towns I don’t want to live. I wasn’t enough, I will put the intention and I don’t care anymore. Two weeks later of BEING I received an opportunity, I went to 3 steps of the selective process and I got the job.

Simple like that:

I would recommend anyone practice the book The Power of Now after putting an intention out. Read it, play around, have a bit of fun in life, enjoy the present moment. Don’t expect, just BE. If you do that, you probably will be the only person in the selective process to get the job, at least in the eyes of the company.

Maybe if you went through more them one job you may realize with was easier to get jobs and get promoted when you don’t care much or you were not thinking about it. Or maybe you tried so much before that one time you were thinking you would not be chosen, there it was.

That is very easy to understand and, if you practice, very easy to act on it. If the desire is placed as an intention. (You can and must, if it helps you, use any Law of Attraction technique).
All you have to do is to have fun with life. Example:

Don’t have a college. I apply myself and learned as many as I can, reading, asking, searching.
New manager in the place.
Manager position.
I put the intention to be a manager with … payment.
Get to know your new boss. Have fn in the job. Help others. Have fun at home with yourself. Have some family time. Find time to dance around. Sing songs that make you feel great. Do some exercise, maybe weekends, some sport you like. Love to be alive.
Sign and action:
A friend of your school meets you, talks about a new store in a town next to there you never listen about. You send the resume and go there just to know the place, meet new people, have fun with those crazy interviews and questions people invent every other day. You go home feeling, that was an unexpectedly fun day. Man, I love this rain today, I think I won’t use my umbrella, so what?
You get the job and you will love there!
How it can go wrong:
I didn’t want to move to another city, even a close one. (Contradiction that will become fighting feelings).
I did everything I read on that blog, now I will have the job. (Expectation, you pretended to be present to have that result, you not really present to feel good).
I will get this spot in this company, I won’t try the other position. (If you want to gain the lottery, by the ticket).
I want to be a manager… I think… (Not sure of what you want).

I can say your thoughts will be more often like: Oh yeee! Ow ow ow! Wow! Sometimes the mind can say: You do this because of that… it is normal, but the good feeling will be so bigger that you will know you were not pretending to live, you are living!

Of course I will recommend this book: The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenmet

And my book that I think will help you see life in a different way (It is in a romance writting): A Papisa (The High Priestess)

I hope this helps you.
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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