Decluttering Is it necessary or cliche?

Decluttering. It is directly connected with a better life, manifest, law of attraction, but for the reason that was never told

I sense every blog about improvement, evolution, development of self, talks about decluttering. And, different from breathing that is obvious and simple, I find decluttering hard and cliche. But must be done. I know dear, don’t get me wrong, for me is boring, for others is hard to let go, to others, many of the things have an emotional attachment.

More then Minimalismun, Feng Shui, open space for the new. Decluttering your space is one of the most practical ways and this dimensional way yo get you out of your ego. If you have “a stile” get out of it is an opportunity to let go of identification. It is like a training for your mind to understand “no more ‘I I I’, now I AM”. And I am not here to be the one to say repeat every day “I am” or any other mantra. I believe you will find your own affirmations to work with. I am here to remember you that any form of identification is holding you. The way you work, the way you dress, the way you walk, the way you speak, everything that is you, you should get rid of.

I know it sounds radical (actually, probably is). Once, a long time ago I didn’t understand what be alienated was. I watched the news, I had an opinion, I knew all it had to know. I would think, how can I be alienated watching the news and reading every day. So, I traveled. I’ve been in places tv says is stunning, they weren’t. I’ve been to places tv never shown, they were stunning. Then, I was the news, the scholarship I was had much news saying all kinds of unreal stuff like they were not paying the scholarship, the payment was late. Nothing like that happened, and I was in a group where many of us come to ask other students about this because maybe didn’t happen with me, but with some other students. But no, nothing at all. Them I listen to tv talking about places I’ve been in ways I couldn’t believe. I started to realize, they don’t need to say the truth, they are not police or something.

My first decluttering was to let the tv go, literally. I love to watch movies, series, but I found out that the day was so long. I didn’t new it. Suddenly I could have fun, study, and work at the same time. I continued the decluttering when I moved to my current house. I did a few decluttering during my life, but I never really let what I don’t use go. Take your time, I couldn’t let go of all the closes I never used because I had a childhood with short money, so I was always thinking if I let all I don’t use go, maybe someday I would choose between buy clothes and travel somewhere, or eat in a cool place, or any other experience. Or I couldn’t afford new ones, any kind of scenario. Until today I am all about buy the expensive piece that you would have forever than the fast fashion, I love fashion as art. I don’t have the greens to do this yet, but I could let go because each step I gave made my ego smaller. We really can be minimalistic, open space for the new, and Feng Shui as a historical practice if done with a professional, not a post online, can be amazing. (I know people that write about those things want to do the best and share something nice, but many things can’t be done like that. As a spiritual path can’t be lived in a month practicing yoga.

After that, I would like to ask you to declutter, so you can become less your ego and more the perfect being You Are!

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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