Letter for Myself and a Letter for God | Manifestation and Gratitude technique

Two manifestation letter I do since I was a child that helped manifest and keep track of my blessings

I usually write a letter for myself and for God, since I was a little girl. For a long time, I found it a way to say thank you in a way is more expressive and transcendental for me. For some reason write with a pencil in a paper about what I expected for the future me or thanking God what I had was the manner I found to feel closer to myself, my power, my divinity. To feel and see me as an infinite being. When I read years later that I accomplished everything it made me feel good and complete me in so many ways.

I would like to share a letter here, I will be vulnerable, but I hope this helps anyone that reads to be vulnerable with itself and see that we are here to share positive helps and love, as cliché as it may sound it is the truth.
Before I would like to share how and what I write in those letters.
My first letter was to God.
I was a child and I write to Father know how I loved It, how I felt in peace, and grateful for my life. My positiveness comes from a place I didn’t know, but as I learned later with an ethic famous professor in Brazil, Mario Sergio Cortella, “Pessimist is before all a vagabond” He says to be optimistic you need to act, learn, you do things because you are sure it will work, but the pessimist just wait for things goes wrong. The favorite phrase of a pessimist is “What a mess, someone should do something” He loves to guilt the government, the neighbor, or anything outside. And if you say, but look it is better, it is working, the pessimist always will say, “Wait a bit more…” He always waiting and pointing fingers. Funny thing is that this professor looks like an old philosopher we would see a statue in Greece. Well, I am an optimist since I remember and many many things I got in life were it the certainty not with resources.

The second type of letter I write is for myself.
I take a day; I try to create a moment of joy to write. Music, be alone, something smelling good, water, or a cup of coffee or tea. So I sit and I think about what I’ve received, what changed in a couple of years. Then, I write to my future self. I like to share what am I working, favorite music, last book, any recent memory. I write about what I accomplish and in the last part, I talk about what I’ve expected about the future. If I program to read in five years, I write about how I will be in five years from now.
I keep the letter inside a book that will always be with me. You can program an e-mail to be sent on that date too.
This habit made me realize what is relevant to me in my life. Sometimes that person that was gone, suddenly wasn’t so important, but the experience I had, the object didn’t matter, but the memory to receive or to be able to buy it. Each time I did it, my life was filled with simplicity and calmness. Because I could read from my past self that all the dreams were accomplished and the experience was bigger than the final point.

I highly recommend you treat yourself with a letter. If you don’t like to write, make it simple. You can write something small, like a list of what do you want to remember and put some pictures of what you want to receive. Just take your time to do it.

Lets write one:

I am here to show my gratitude because I’ve listened and I found love. I could sit in myself and feel the light of love.
And I want to show gratitude because I found the shadows, many still make my ego fears, but be aware of them make me know I am not one inside infinite energy, but I am the infinite energy that can have one consciousness because we choose to be like that.
I am grateful for my rest time, even though I am a horse that hates to be in a calm, static way. I am grateful because I found the movement inside me. Where I am faster than a wild horse and inside myself, I can run the world.
I am grateful to see what We are, and no matter how many names I call myself all You, the power and the loving light are always there. I am grateful for not see because I can be like a child, holding hands with my soul family, I can have fun with my imagination to find out I receive even more and ‘next’ that happens right now are better and sweeter than I expected.
I am grateful for the material pleasure of the sun on my skin or a chocolate cake, and I say thank you because I know this is a blessing more than a pleasure.
My souls say it is time to live the life I should live, and I am grateful to accept the life I choose. My eyes tears in the presence of gratitude because in the gratitude is the truth.
Thank you Father and Mother celestial energy, now and forever.”

I hope this gives you nice ideas, it is a practice that involves self-love, gratitude, visualization, the elevation of energy, vulnerable and creativity.

Much Love,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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