Ego Work | How you see yourself affect how the world sees you

Who are you? | How you see yourself affect how the world sees you

Let’s talk about relationships. Do you have a friend that didn’t have many boyfriends or friends, but always looked so right about what it feels that when you need advice about relationships you always look for it. I was that person. The mother’s personality, responsible and serious most of the time. Open just with close friends, and those close friends would see a stand-up comedian all day long, fearless, driven, and right about what I feel. As I said in some post before, the positivism I had since a child made me a strong person. Why I am all “look how amazing I am” here, wait for it!

Many things in my spiritual path came after a book, a speech, a video. However, two areas of my life I learned since I had five years old. The story was my first bully and I didn’t cry or told my parents or punch the boy. I took it as a childish thing. When I was a teenager that story hunted me in the aspect of I was ugly, but the aspect I knew who I was and I am strong has always been there. My mother played a great deal in the ugly aspect, she told me once, don’t worry, many girls look better older and when the old friends of your teenagerhood see you a few years from now, they will be like “Wow! Years made you good”. I believed in that, I didn’t felt pretty but I believed that in my late 20s and older I would look great. I don’t care what people say now I am 30, (and nobody ever said otherwise to be honest), but I discovered how to lose weight with my mind, how to be pretty and change my appearance. And those are the two things I am good at Relationship and Natural Beauty.

I would like to share it with you, and that was all the bla bla bla up there!

Of course, many other things happened, I read books, saw videos and could formulate a better idea so I can share it and grow it.

I would like to start to share a bit about relationships. And in this post, I want to share the first thing I’ve learned.
You see and you are being seen, but what you think they are seeing is not what they see.
In other words, maybe you think people are looking, you need to be a statue so people won’t think about you or what you doing. So the first thing I start to put at my mind was that people were not noticing me, that thought made me feel more free and confident. I would love to be an observer, never the object of observation, this thought made me more confident, not because I really was, moreover because I was alone in this world.
Later, when I would like some attention I learned I am not invisible. No matter what do you believe, and how you see yourself, what do you do? You are being watched on a level.
This made me fear because I would love to be an observer, never the object of observation.
The greatest learning was that yes you are being seen, but people worry about themselves, people are worried about their fears and look, and actions. Therefore, the level of observance any of us receive is balanced, so you can be free to be yourself, but when you expose properly an idea and share like “hey people, look what I did, what I created, look my new hair” you will receive the exposure you want to.

Of course, life can be affected by how you see it. I love to observe, I fear to be “famous”, I usually thought that if what I create become successfully I would lose my free observer life, so I let all my books and ideas hidden for many years. At the same time, my mother’s idea of look better with the passing years made me get each year a bit more attention. Those were my beliefs, they affected my life.

So. How do you see yourself? How do you feel the world sees you? How do you look? (This is a belief too). What you would share, or want to share, that make you feel vulnerable? (Hi! Take easy at me in this post, I was all about “Am I looking messed up?” When I say I am good at something am I being stupid? All that, but I am being honest here, so if I committed some mistakes or wrote something bad, sorry pal. I am here for you, not my intention!)

This post I would like to share those ideas and questions so you can put out some beliefs about yourself.

This is the first post about those subjects, soon I share more and I hope this helps you or someone you know!
Much love.
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I had a hard time to use mask on the street, then I realised, “my ego, can’t believe it”. My health didn’t crossed my mind just my ego playing I am shy! Can you believe it? Ego is crazy!


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