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Do you want a family? Do you want the right person? The happy life? If I say it is all easier than you think, but you will need to change what you think…

Let’s talk about love. How Spiritual Growth and Law of Attraction can improve our love life?

As we already talked about, life unfolds differently for each one. For some, the parents’ love life can be un example the person wants to follow or not. I am the result of unwanted pregnancy, my parents were 17 and they decided to have me and marry. My father was mature enough to marry my mother until today they are together. I know this is quite rare, I feel lucky, of course. As a family, we have ups and downs, pros, and cons growing with so younger parents, problems, good moments, but I am alive. As a romantic example, what I took was that I couldn’t get pregnant because I would lose all my dreams. Have a family is hard work, not easy at all.

I choose not to have one so soon in life. I believe this affected me in a positive way, we all want love, but I didn’t have the hurry to have one. This detached view of has a family made me feel more at ease about a relationship. The first point I would like to share is to be at easy going with relationships even if you want a family, and I know that for women it can be very hard, but bring science to your favor. Women have many ways to have a family older nowadays. Open yourself to possibilities. I want to give an example different from mine if you are worried about have a family. (Ow! I am Brazilian, we aggregate everyone, so think as this happened with someone like a sister or your mother, someone very close. My uncle and aunt are like my parents, my cousins are like my brothers, we lived together, we don’t expend a month without seeing each other, this is a Brazilian family)

My aunt wanted a family, she is the younger of the family, my mother had two kids, my uncle, too. She was a teenager that loved have a child around her and she would love to have kids too. In her middle 20s, she had to remove part of her ovaries, keeping 25% of an ovary. She felt terrible. One day, she dreamed of an old boyfriend that was an angel in our family, he died young, it was a big loss for us. In this dream, he told her that she would have a boy. She felt better, but in her 30s she thought she wouldn’t have kids. She had a boyfriend for a bit more than a year and pills were used without discipline since she couldn’t get pregnant naturally. Pills were for her hormones not much as protection. Well, she got pregnant, she had an abortion, and a month later she realized that she still was pregnant. Nobody really knows what happened, maybe they were twins, not even the doctor could give a proper diagnose. She had the baby, to a few years later get pregnant again. After the first boy, the second kid was unthinkable.
She had the family she wanted when it seemed impossible. No matter what a doctor says to you, belief just don’t care much. Any desire you have, mainly those you have for years, just relax and don’t think about it. What is yours, will arrive when you least expect.

I would like to share this because I know it is hard, but nothing is bigger than the Universe itself.

I was the ugly teenager with a platonic passion, later I date a guy that wants to date me because of the low self-esteem I person like me was good enough. In my 20s I decided to stay a period without date, I decided two years. Yep, two entire years. I focused on myself, loving myself, discovering, and nourishing my body. No complaining with girlfriends, going out for the fun of it, not looking for something else (or someone else). It was nothing but liberating, I recommend any person took a sabbatic year (or two) for itself. It was like being in a monastery where the object of faith was myself. The easy about relationships come as calm water. I could meet men and be myself, I received all complements because I was myself. By the end of this time, I date twice and then I met my husband. All two relationships before were great, one finished in a month because I moved abroad and the other after almost four years because that feeling that he is not the one, but I could finish it with all respect for the person. I prayed to him met the love of his life.
One thing, since I was a teenager got clear for me.

From all relationships, just one should work. Just one would be “the happy ending”. Because I didn’t expect to have more than one husband. So, think about if you ever said: “All my relationship didn’t work”. Well, they shouldn’t, unless you meet the last guy, they would not work. From now on you can think about: How can I be enough for my own life? What can I improve in myself to not suffer, to be a better partner? Don’t expect the other to work, do your own work. You can read more in my blog about ego work. What do I expect besides love from a relationship? Today, did I think about him tanner on myself? Why? How can I change it?

Exercise time: Plan a week, a weekend, a day for yourself. Do you know that time you expect he ask you out for something, twice a month take this time for yourself! Travel, buy something for you, make a spar day, watch a movie with popcorn and sweets just for you, walk around the city. If your mind rejects an idea because you fear or think it is lame, remember this can be an ego work. For example, if you can’t see yourself have dinner alone, do it. One this is a time for yourself. Two, your ego needs to deal with the fact that you deserve it and you are bigger than it. No matter if he invites you to Paris, stay with your plan.
Gave up parties, travels, movies… And if you are going to those places because you don’t trust him so you can watch him, say it aloud to yourself. I must learn to trust or I know he is not trustworthy and I will let him go. This is not a game, it is Me. I love myself more than I can love other thing or being.

Hey! For now, I will finish remembering you that you are learning, take a step at a time. I had a problem to break up, I was that person that took months to do it. It is a normal need to work on some points and give time to yourself to do it. But, keep going.

Change your thoughts as through repetition, as Law of Attraction teaches and understands love in a spiritual view will help you find yourself and attract only love around you.

Much love,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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