How to work with Vision Boards | Attention!

Examples, videos and tips for business and personal vision boards. Attention, it can work against you.

Hi, this post will be fun and quick. Talk about creative works like a dream board it is always fun. But, as always, I would like to go a bit further. I will talk about what and how you can do it. And, in the end, we will talk about the Mission and Vision of companies, so, if you are a business person and you own a company, bit it small or big, stay with me.

First, what is that? Can I eat it?
Well know from celebrities and Youtubers through the Law of Attraction and The Secret, the dream board or vision board is a visual tool to help you have a clear image of the final point you want to achieve.
It is something to look and be grateful for, an image of the perfect dream is in front of you. How do you feel about it? Gratitude, joy, love should be the feeling the image brings. No “I want”, “I need” here. If the feelings are those, don’t use a vision board, it can do more harm than good in this situation. With a clear vision where an image is possible you higher the chance to happen.

How to do it?
I didn’t use a board until this year. Notebooks to write your dreams can be a tool, a photo album on your mobile phone, the screen of your notebook, the cover of something you see constantly, your refrigerator door, a Pinterest album. Where you want to describe your dreams materially is your choice.

a. Take time for yourself. (Bring your mobile phone or notebook for research, no social media open!)
b. Go to a place you feel good, where you feel most relaxed. I use my bed.
c. Put good music, I like those that make me feel like a champion already.
d. Pray, meditate, calm yourself.
e. Write the 3 top dreams. (If you are doing the 21 day Law Of Attraction Challenge you already have this).
f. What images can represent them? After seeing it, look for it. You can type free photos and use those websites or Pinterest for pictures with more quality.
g. Save them. Now, the choice is yours. An album online, a traditional board, write in a notebook can be enough too.

I used to see during that moment of “nothing to do” so I keep myself joyful. One important thing after you create your vision board is to observe it, contemplate it. I never asked for those things again, I didn’t imagine myself, but I was present with that image. I had a balcony photo in Italy and I used to look at it, without realizing I was sighing for the photo, full of love and joy, and an empty mind because it was a moment where no words could explain.

How many times should you look at it?
Don’t make it a daily obligation, live your life, try to be present, don’t overthink your dreams. When you have a moment in your job, a moment after breakfast, during your sower, let the image there, or one of them. Contemplate it!

For business.
First, construct a positive vision, mission, and goals. Instead of writing them, make it visual. Make the time see it every day, not forcing them, of course, but putting it in a place everyone passes by every day.
I will give simple examples:
Incorrect goal: No accidents.
Correct goal: Safet first.
Incorrect goal: Be in the top 5.
Correct goal: Grow and improve 1% a year. (Show the number, and make it real for your time, share this victory).
Incorrect goal: To be the market leader; Have the best quality; Sustainability…
Correct goal: X of the market; Lifetime of what we produce x years; Recycle 90% of our waste (X tons).

I highly recommend you bring your people for the mental game and you only will be able to do it if they can easily see what those goals and mission mean. Open up with them, many of the companies I had contact as student and professional I saw a mask between data and your workers, you can grow this way, but won’t be the growth of your dreams, of the company dream. Vulnerability started to be as important for a human as for a company, show who you are, take your time to understand that the goal is to make more money so you can invest more, grow more, have more people time with you and they make even more money. Just remember that who makes you money are the people, not the walls, so take care of them.
I recommend the book The Goal, read it and make your time read t, even the factory porter, it will feel part of the game too!

I would like to share some videos and post here so you can be inspired:

Ophra giving class of it:

Youtuber making and sharing goals achieved:

Ohh My Annie, this girl is very high energy, check her channel too:

And Eric Ho, Master Sri Akarshana

I hope this post helps you see clearly and be able to work with vision boards!
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor s√£o minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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