Manifest with Music | Manifestation Technique

Music is a easy and fun way to make your manifestation easier. Check how, why and what manifest


More fun here. A quick thing before, I am reading and replying the few comments here and in our Youtube channel, thank you and please share books, videos, talks that help you so we can create this chain of spiritual growth (Energy growth). 

I’ll start by throwing you 2 links: 

Music for faith 

Positive music

My Youtube channel Playlists 

In my channel I make playlists with videos about meditation from channels I love, I put my own on those, so I have and I can share what I feel that is quality content. There is all kind of playlists, some for music as I shared up there. 

I recommend you to make your playlist, you can check mine and see what music works for you. 

Make one with music that helps you grow your faith, you trust in the Universe. I am not much about religious music, but few of them with piano and stong chords I like and in the classic music I usually find many I love. 

Make another playlist for dance around, to make you happy. Can be a silly pop music, must take care to have a fun and positive lyric here, no “I am better than my ex” here, make another one to get over her or him. 

And make another one to enjoy while you do what you love, or that makes you feel you do it. I have a folk music playlist that makes me feel like I am on the road traveling. 

There are many places you can do those. Youtube, Spotify, your mobile phone… 

For me was natural to leave behind some songs that provoke bad emotions, but check ou music and see if some make you nostalgic, angry, punt someone, drink, hate something or someone. Do you really need it? I 

Since I like to challenge myself, I always try new types of rhythm, new bands. I think this is a great ego work too since you will open yourself to something different from what probably made your teenagehood and young adult years. Nowadays I can enjoy rhythm I used to think it was “lame”. See the beauty in everything people, this is the goal. To start to do this, try something new and don’t judge, listen with an empty mind. Just let your body feel it. I started to love classical music because of my heart like it. It strong moment it was a surprise to it, ti waltz makes want to dance. I know, lame, but try it. You will in the least find a new type of music, band or a song to enjoy!

Use them to feel what you want, to feel good, to be present. It will make you a power manifester.

I think this will be a small post just to help you find some music to manifest and have fun with the process. 

I hope this helps you, 

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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