Visualization to Manifest| Does and Don’ts to not sabotage your Power

It can be simple and hard, but the most important is not let visualization make you stuck

I would like to talk more about visualization. There is a thin line between make it help you or make you delay your dream and those parts of manifesting make me give a step back. And I would like some would tell me this before. Let’s begin talking about what and why to do it. What we need to be careful and in the end, I share how to do it in a simple way.

Visualization is one of the first steps in a manifestation process. It is a moment of creativity. You can do it by writing and drawing. Here we look for the inspirational feeling, the thing that makes you sigh. Science shows that the responses of muscles when a runner is imagining it is the same as when the person is actually running. You want to be in the specific scene you want to manifest. Not in the process of how you will achieve that, but in the final goal. I would call it “livelization” instead of visualization because if you want to do it powerfully you want to be there.
It can happen naturally as see a close online and imagine it on yourself for a few seconds, or on purpose when you take a time to sit and be in the situation you want to manifest. I will give you a simple example. When I manifested my life abroad I did this for a month, when I felt at ease I left the visualization and kept the certainty that was real in my life, and soon the opportunity came. But that month I saw a lot of travel movies and the Andre Rieu DVD. Many of the scenes I saw emotionally and I had that “that would be lovely” thought I couldn’t realize I was manifesting and it happened. It was a small moment of clear focus in an image where I could see myself without the resistance of “this is impossible, this is rare, this is a just in movies, I will try manifest it, I want that, I need that”.
The main reason I do it is to break the resistance. If I see myself in the situation and my mind keeps saying that it is not real, I am resisting, I have things to clean. When this is clear I do things to make my faith stronger. I remind myself of My Power, God’s Power, the size of the Universe next to my dream. I look for people that had that, I listen to the playlist we talked about in this blog before. When the image is clear and easy I got the dream. For that moment on I know I already received it. Now it is just fun, I drive the car I want, I date the love of my life, I travel where I want to, I meet people that are interesting and nice.

While you are learning and growing your faith, and as I say, faith is a certainty, you don’t need a religion to know something is real. You just need to be sure of it, this is faith. I want to share and silly example so you can understand the feeling.
You want to withdraw some money of an ATM. For a fraction of second when you realize you want this money for something, you see yourself doing the action, if you aren’t conscious you may not realize you did it.
You go there, the one you use to go, maybe you forget about a new one there is closer to your house because you already imagined you in that specific one. Your body and your mind obey the image your subconscious accepted. You enter your card and ask yourself how much will I take? You see the value, maybe as a number, maybe as a note. Faith is the moment you enter the value you want to withdraw from an ATM until that valuable paper is in your hands. That sound you listen when the machine is counting the money is the Universe synchronicity. It is the moment where you have signals that your visualization and maybe a few actions made you manifest what you desired. I don’t know you, but even when I know that is my money, I feel good for a second when the machine gives me that. It is not the constructed gratitude, it is something more natural.

A few days ago I saw a video where Oprah says she doesn’t use a vision board anymore because she is a powerful “manifester”. I loved it. Abraham Hicks talks about the 17-second rule. You can see yourself with what you desire for less than 17 seconds, if the certainty is there, the coin goes straight to the safe box, if it is not, you probably need to take it in the floor and do it again until you are sure that coin is safe. This is why the spiritual path is important. Practice instead of search, grow instead of just manifest here and there. Soon you will be a powerful manifester.

How to do it in a practical way to start:
Beginners: Let’s try small things with the 17 seconds (or less) rule. It is easy as:
You will take the bus, I desire to travel sit. Breath deeply, I close my eyes or focus on a point say mentally as you see it. “I put intention to travel seated in a comfortable seat”. I see myself seating and feeling comfortable looking throw the window. The second I stop seeing it I am present, I observe my body, the people, and life around me. If a thought appears I go back to the moment as if it was nothing, a bug that already has gone.

Beginners: If you want something big like a car. (This can be used for everyone, actually and you manifest easily probably you will keep using it). When you go to sleep at 23 p.m. try to go to bed around 22:30 or before it. Relax with a few deep breaths, if you want to you can pray. See yourself in a goal achieved moment. To be specific I will share how I do it: I pray, in the end, I say “I put intention to have a car white, with four doors, leather seat, new…” I see it part. I thank God to listen to me. And I sleep seeing the car. The next day I don’t think about it anymore. I completely let go. If a thought of “I want it, I don’t have it, I need it…” comes I say “I already took care of it, and I think about something else that I love. Like, that meal was great, I got the seat on the bus, the day is lovely today, hi bird… be crazy and have fun during your day.

Intermediate (meditate and manifest for a while): When you want something you consider big, that is two ways to manifest in my experience. Let’s say you want a car. (I know, I am so original).
You will separate time in a day to pray and meditate. Start with a prayer, (if you don’t want to pray to go to the next step), make an exercise to low your brain waves. It can be simple as to relax in a seat or laying down. I have some meditation on Youtube I will share here. A simple technique is to: Breath deeply 3 times. Say to yourself: My scalp is relaxed, my forehead is relaxed, my eyes are relaxed, my nose is relaxed… Unhurriedly and slowly be in the part of your body and feel it relax. Count to 100 to zero seeing the numbers. If a thought comes, don’t worry, continue from where you remember. In zero see a screen with the scene you want to live. Count from 10 to zero to wake up, around 5 starts to move your body in small movements, like moving a finger. Open your eyes when you want and keep on your day. If a thought about the dream comes, let go saying something like “I already took care of it”. If you see the car, admire it, contemplate it, look it without a thought. It is not a moment to visualize because it can be connected with a moment of necessity. Contemplate it like sunset for a second and keep going.

Powerful manifester: Realize there is a will in it. Relax and become present in itself. (Connect with the inner source, its inner power). See what it desires as received. Let go and never thought about it again. When it receives, the Powerful manifester is grateful and present with the object of manifestation.
This person is present, is living in the now. You are close to it when you know inside you the “Living in the Now” is a redundant quote.

If the post helps you or if you have some doubts about it, contact me commenting here on in my social media.
Much love.
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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