Write your Dreams | Scripting easily to Manifest

Law of Attraction and the Secret talk about put your dreams on paper. A quick post about how to do it!

Hello again.
I love to write, (ok, dumb affirmation since I have a blog), but what I am trying to say is that I always loved to put my dream in the paper. It is a creative moment of my day that makes me highly inspired. And this is pretty easy to do, but I want to share some things you may deal with so you can prevent yourself and make it a beautiful moment.

Sometimes our mind can bring old fears and distractions, for example, every time I thought about asking for money, I felt like it was luxuries and not so noble desire. I always had the belief that I was lucky with money, which helped me a lot, but I properly ask for an amount, that was hard for me. Be attentive with those dark thoughts that can come light and seems harmless.

I would recommend use Scripting in this part of the process. What I like to do is: on a day I have to work I sit before sleep and I write how I see myself in the future being grateful for what I already have. If I want to change my career I write “I am grateful for finally move on, change my career and work with what I love, it is the beginning but I am excited”. Do this before going to bed and sleep with the feeling and image of gratitude.

On a free day, you can take an afternoon or a calm morning and give yourself a moment of calmness. Put a playlist with music that makes you feel good. Attention, don’t use music or videos with motivation songs that talks about or make you think about the “hard work”, the fight, the “I will push it” to happen. It may be part of the process where you need to work acceptance, but don’t manifest it because you can be stuck in the hustle part of the process instead of achieving the final goal. Put your music, some that make you feel good, even sexy, successful, awesome. Be in good energy is key here. You can dance a bit, you can take a shower, have fun with yourself. After that, sit with Yourself, you can pray or meditate a bit in gratitude feeling. Now write about your dream, what you really want. Know that nobody wants nothing from you at this moment and you don’t need to save the world. Every dream is worthy. It is important to understand that you don’t need to save the world here. I used to think I should have a dream that affects the world positively, but when I manifested the year abroad and travel I free myself from this thought because your action can mean shallow for you but will affect the world without you realize it. If your dream come from your heart, it is not something you envy from other one, it is worth it!

Well, just enjoy this part. Have fun and be creative about the final point. Don’t write how you will achieve it, but how it looks, how to feel to have it.

This is a simple and quick post, but I hope it helps you to feel inspired to write about your dream.

See you soon,

EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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