3 Steps to grow Spiritually and Live your Better Life

To live your best life work on those 3 aspects of you. From lose weigh to be in peace.

Hello again.

This probably is the most difficult question we can do to ourselves. Who am I? Equally, can be the most important question. Self-knowledge is defined as “understanding of oneself or one’s own motives or character”. Books on this topic can be very highly judged, I know there are many of those books there are shallow and I believe that’s why it hard to find a good one. While you search to find the answer there are 3 aspects of you that will be important, and you probably will find yourself absorbing information about self-knowledge. First, I would like to say that it will be different for everyone, and the way books and information present to you probably are the best way to you grow. Secondly, the best way is to know how many ‘I’ there are. And here is where you can separate them and be aware of how each part affects you. 

I. Ego

Your ego can have many ‘I’, many voices. In psychology you can find disturbs of mind because of the excess of those voices or how they affect the person. This is a long road and I believe it is something to be constantly aware. I would work on Ego first to be clear about what I am not and with that keep moving. There are some posts about it I will link here. However, to give you the first step to walk, I would recommend you take everything you are sure of and write it down. How old are you? Your body is this old too? How do you look like? Do you have some disease? Since when? What you love the most? (You can make this question to every area of life, what you love to eat, do in your free time, study, learn, music…) What do you not like at all? Take note of the problems you have in life. Do every type of question that divides you and your life into small parts so you can look to each one. Do this a bit every day. 

Now it is the easy part. Read each thing and acknowledge to yourself: “I am not that, nothing I wrote, because I am not my mind and this is what my mind created during my life as what I am. The only truth is that I am free to Be. Experience life is my only purpose from now on!”.

(You can write it with your own words, but repeat it to clean this ego-mind).

II- Your spiritual self. 

This one is easy and simple to know. Impossible to explain and it is known just for them that feel it. Here, if you have a religion, you will find in it what it talks about and you really never understood or you’re mistaken by other teachings. With ego work in process, you can see that everyone is searching for this connection, this knowledge and they will say things and teach things they think are correct, but as I said before, the process is different for everyone. It is a beautiful way for This Unique Energy keeps Its mystery. If everybody has a different experience and a different truth you can’t find the right or wrong about it. You can just feel it. Have you ever listened about the Tower of Babel? They were people speaking the same language and creating a tower to reach heaven, those scriptures are quite figurative. I will give a bit of what I believe, as I already said in others post what I believe is not the only true, but how insights present my truth to myself. The one language was how they could all be on the same page about the Universe Energy, God, The Unspeakable, whatever you want to name it. The experience of the Existence was one when taught, all could give larges steps to know this Existence. But the process replicated wasn’t the experience of Expansion and Awareness of the Existence itself. God couldn’t let the experience of the Self be a superficial thing, it must be learned by each of us, you must find your Master inside of you. You have many Masters that came to Earth help you, but they just could speak about actions you can take to find this Master, and they taught “In My Father’s house are many mansions”; You can find the joy of God in many ways. And that love, in the simpler form, should be the prime reason for one’s lives.

I will use my own example here, let’s put my vulnerability to work. I grew in a catholic home, but my father never closed the door for other people that speak and teach about love. I hope here you can understand I am talking about charity love, the one that receives all, that has nothing to forgive because never expected anything, that one that doesn’t know judgment, the one Tao teaches, the one that exists and that is all. Older, I started to learn about the Power of the mind with very non traditional priests after that psychology and other religions would be my books to read and talks to learn. I always let my hear choose what was right or wrong for me. I stopped to go to church for a period in my life because a priest that used to talk about hate towards other religions and tv channels, my heart didn’t felt right so I never went back there, but as soon as I could I find other church and I used to watch the mass online. Religions are full of dogmas there are concepts of right and wrong that sometimes you won’t find anywhere supporting it. And sometimes, you can find, but there were wrote so long ago that your heart can’t disagree too. Your Heart, your inner Master, while you walk in your spiritual path will be more present and help with it. Be open to change and move are the key to keep growing. Well, finishing the Babel tower story, I believe there wasn’t a proper tower that could reach heaven, but there was a misled teaching that couldn’t keep going. Make them speak a different language, in other words, make them find their Inner Master in different ways would separete them, but would make the search be real and profound and the experience to Existence and with Spirit unique. 

III- Subconscious mind. 

It may sound strange to leave it for less, but this is a part of us that will be affected by the path we walk while we improve ourselves. Many of your ego work will change your subconscious and walking in your spiritual path you will be able to feel and witness how it will be affected. So, the subconscious mind will be affected by the work you put in the two first topics, but there are some observations you can do around this part of you.
Observe the result of your day in all areas. What are you getting what you want? Do you feel fear at some point? Observe if there is a previous feeling before something you don’t like much happen. You can find out you not getting what you want, so you go back to your beliefs and ego work to understand what is messing your subconscious mind up. Let’s work with an example, you know, my signature. You want to lose weight, you realize in your mind you believe that you eat when you nervous. You work on that, but nothing is changing, lose weight is a struggle. You start to feel fear and anxiety before weight yourself, and you do it every day. So you don’t see changes and become be more strict and count calories and all that. You probably know that stress can make your body slow and don’t work as it should work. It can directly make your metabolism work poorly and don’t absorb the right vitamins you putting on. You are not losing weight and not getting healthy. At that moment is time to get rid of the scale and start to focus on feel better working out and eating. Work in your ego again and look for feel at ease with the process, you are learning to eat better, you are learning to look differently to your eating and exercise habits. I had problems losing weight and I confess after you work on eating you become more grateful for food, more careful with what you eat because you love your body, and more fun doing exercise. I can talk about losing weight and all the believes I needed to change in other posts, but I hope this one makes you see the light on the horizon.

I hope this post helps you in this beautiful process of feeling better and living a better life.
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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