Be better learning 2 thing | “Every Adversity Brings with it the Seed of Opportunity”

I learned 2 things after lose a loved one. I hope this helps you be better and live better…

Hello again.
Do you know when you finish a book or a tv-series and you start to wonder what now? What is it called life that I need to deal with? Have you ever felt this in a moment of or life?
Maybe you give up university, you give up your carrier, you give up your marriage, you lost someone…

Here we can’t read the book again, or play again. Life goes one if you want it or not.
I will be honest and direct with you today. I lost my grandmother yesterday, and I already learned so much with it and I want to share some points with you, because as she taught me: “every adversity brings with it the seed of opportunity”

I already talked about my childhood where my parents were young and with no money. So I lived in my grandparent’s house. For a period of time, I lived with my mother’s mother, in other periods with my father’s mother, (who I will talk about). Don’t worry, it won’t be a sad post, baer with me!
Yesterday I realized if my family had money, I wouldn’t live with her, I wouldn’t learn as much as I learned. Read and write are small things that she is the reason I love to do. I’ve learned about life, strength, positivity no matter what, faith, be yourself, share love, share your time, be grateful… Well, many things!
Something that I never knew why was there, in front of me and I felt grateful. I could live with the best human in my childhood and in my teenagehood because I didn’t have the money to live in my own house (my parent’s house in this case).

Second thing, say as much as you can how you feel and how much you care about somebody can make you feel peaceful when you can no longer say it in this material world. After living for a year abroad I decided that I would live abroad, if possible in more than one place. But the opportunity didn’t come. Yesterday I felt great, the lack of this opportunity made me be around every last second of my grandma’s life and I could say how I loved her, how she was important, how she was my favorite human… Have her in my arms for all this time, every time I could be with her, made yesterday and now easier. Of course, the energy of this disruption in this reality is strong, we will cry, we will miss her, but we (me and my family) feel better and we are good to give her an honored passage. We can pray to her find light and love and rest in peace.

Working on your ego to let everything material go, even a person you love can bring a lot of peace and calmness to a moment like this.

This post will be quickly and a humble tribute for a person that was loved very much.
I hope this helps you look at the bright side of life, give love to who is alive without being possessive of the other’s life, and grow in spiritual.
Please share this post and any other you like because you will be sharing love with me. Maybe I also learned to be able to ask for help and don’t judge as weakness be helped.

Our channel on Youtube started with adios to help who can’t read, even though we have tools to this nowadays. Gratitude.

And if you need some help because you lost someone you love, I can listen, sometimes we are not ready to talk about with someone close, we can’t be vulnerable at home. That isn’t a problem, find someone to talk and everything will be better!

I hope see you soon,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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