Connect with an Object to Manifest | Power Object of The Secret

What is object of power? How to receive it and use it?

Hello again.
I didn’t find much about this technique online, you can read about it or watch in the movie The Secret.
It was my first contact with it too. After that, when you study a bit more about Magik*, and here I am not talking about kid’s magic, but the concept that inspires many witches and religions. I would like to say here, as I already said, I grow as catholic and I see myself like that because is where I find my truth, but when you look and work with your ego, be open to any and every knowledge is not just important, I would say it is mandatory. When you stop judging, you can read and learn with other cultures and understand how it affects your religion too, because many religions share the same past. Well, I won’t go further here on this subject, maybe in some other post.

In many books and cultures, some that I will share down below, you will listen about the object of power. You can even remember Disney movies where witches and fairies had a magic wand, magic staff, swords, and other objects. You even could have objects cursed, but it is not where I am going.
For some studies, when you learning about manifestation and you magik path people can receive an object in a unique experience and believe it is the power object of them. Others, or the same people, can use objects they have since childhood. Maybe you have some of this. An object that makes you comfortable next to, that can relax you, make you happy, as children we normally have some toy to keep them calm when they sleep. In Brazil, it is normal they have a piece of cloth with a toy attached. Maybe older you received a ring or earring from family or any other thing. Some businessman uses a specific pen when they need to sign something important. Each person may have a different story and connection with an object that came to their life, and this object can be for calmness, happiness, represent love, responsibility, and it is in this idea that we will work with an object for manifestation.

The idea here is to be something small, that you can carry with you. I found a ring once and I couldn’t find someone that would be the owner, it hadn’t much value. But I had a lost and when I found it I cleaned and kept with me until it breaks years later. I felt protected and some energy was with me. It can be simple like that. However, here is how I would recommend you to do it and how I did.
Find this object, I would recommend it not have material value in the human mind, but something that got your attention.
The first this you will do is to put intention to receive it. It can be simple as put the intention and see an object at home that maybe you didn’t think about it before.
Clean it with, be present when you clean it, can be just with water, (if possible), with a small prayer, or just a prayer to keep it. The prayer can be without religion attached. (I know I say it a lot, but well, let people feel clear about it). You can say something “I ask the Universal Energy to keep this powerful object with good energy and more energized from now on”.
Then, put intention to this power. How will it work for you? Is it a general manifestation object? Is it a love attraction object? Is it a career focused object? Put the intention and ACCEPT. For now on, when you touch it, it will bring this power to you. Don’t believe it, don’t think it will accept it as the only truth. You can have a specific space to put it when you are at home, a small box, or a small bag to put in your purse, or you can carry in your pocket. You can energize it from time to time, pray and visualize with it.

Now, you good to go. If you go to a meeting touch it before to know it will be successful. If you have a date, it will protect you from bad relationships and bring the one quicker. (I will talk more about attracting love, but I need to say again. Just one person needs to “work”. If you have some relationships before, relax, think as a graduation to the right guy).

Books I recommend for your spiritual path:

Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations

Reality transurfing. Steps I-VReality transurfing. Steps I-V

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham:

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires:

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment:

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Oprah’s Book Club, Selection 61):

Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations with God Trilogy 3 book set RRP £29.97 by Neale Donald Walsch (Paperback):

Many Lives, Many Masters:

Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship):

The Tao of Warren Buffett:

Dali Lama Meditations:

Paulo Coelho Book Collection:

The Pilgrim, Paulo Coelho:

I hope this helps you,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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