Powerful Visualization to Manifest | See it next to your subconcious mind

Go further than Law of Attraction to visualize and change your subconscious mind.

Hello again.
More about visualization to manifest your dream. Here we go a bit further. I used a technique to see my inner peace place, the place I am my pure self. This place is a place to meet my Higher Self or just be without a list to do or interruption of the outside world.
The reason I want to share with you is that visualization can be tricky when you have things to do, or your mind is busy and suddenly you are thinking about the last news instead of your goals.

This technique is built on time. Let’s work:
Of course, you will want to start in a quiet place with some calm music on, something that can help you be in that moment.
You will put yourself in relaxation. I recommend starting with your breathing. You can read the breathing technique post. Then you can relax your body, start with the top of your head and being present in each part of your body you will feel it relax and repeat mentally “I am calm and relaxed” or something similar. Work on it until you are capable to feel your foot with no interruption.
This first part will help your focus, it is a simple step, but keep working on it until you be able to relax completely without your mind interrupt you will be nice. Here you still use your mind, but you want to stop your mind to control you.
When your mind trouble you, just let go and go back to the exercise. In the end, you can breathe deeply and go back to your life normally. And remember to calmly let go of your mind while you are doing something. If you are showering, don’t think in the next thing, just do it presently and then you make your list. When you are able to do it, your day starts to have more hours, trust me. People think do many things at the same time, or do one while thinking about something else is productive, it is not. If you work in one thing at a time you become more productive and do things better.

After being able to do it, you will add a counting process. Don’t rush yourself, it is something for your life, not to learn and let go of it. I recommend you count from 200 to 1 seeing the number. Try not to say mentally, just see it. Some people think it is hard, some can do it easily, but don’t worry, in this part, if your mind goes to another place or try to convince you it is boring, just go back to the number you remember last and keep going.
Do this exercise and when you are in number ten, you can see a ladder with 10 steps. Each step you see the number on the ladder, as you see it isn’t important, just see it. Know those steps will lead you to your magic place. When you find the step one you will see a door or a portal, let your subconscious mind do the job. Go in. Don’t judge or force something. You can find a room or a garden, or a wild place, but it will be a place you will feel safe and protected. Just be there. Observe the place, feel what you feel. When your ready go back, walk out, go up the ladder. Breathe a few times and wake up.

Do it for 15 days at least, each time you may see or feel something different. Add these details to your memory. For me, to a point, I felt energy next to me, a good one. I could talk with it, sometimes I just felt it and it makes me feel good. Don’t worry to name it, Higher self, angel, protector, it doesn’t matter there. It will be good energy because you will be inside your place, where just good things come to you and happen. You don’t even worry about it, you will feel this calmness. Stay as much as you want each time.

When you are able to do it, you will notice that your material life can’t affect there anymore. You can use this place to make your visualization, you can project in someplace there and observe it as a third part. Here you are you’re on angel, you can make the goal as you want, see and change details, feel proud of yourself, feel at ease because you are seeing it outside of it, so it’s not just a dream anymore is something you are creating to your material life and adding details, sounds, temperature, how the day looks…

This visualization is a bit deeper in your subconscious because you are in deep relaxation. Your brain waves will be slower and it is easier to change your reality and what your subconscious mind sees as reality.

If you try it, please share it with us.
See you soon,
EmMa Lopes

Author: EmMaLopes

Ser melhor e viver melhor são minhas maiores metas! My biggest goal is live better and be better everyday!

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